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What to do with sick stray

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I'm new to dealing with strays and ferals, except for a couple I've taken in and adopted out. The neighborhood I just moved to has a lot of strays. i've started to feed them and I'm on a waiting list to get help with trapping and fixing them.
There is one cat I'm very worried about though. He (or she) lives on the porch and yard of an empty house across the street from me. He's always there so I'm wondering if maybe he used to live in the house and was left behind when his people moved. That's purely speculation though. He's in miserable shape. He's skinny and has hair loss on his side and on his head and ears. He also has scratches and wounds. A couple of weeks ago I though he looked like he may have been bitten by a dog or other larger animal. His fur is dull and patchy. He also sleeps very heavily. I went up and looked at him today and was making noise but he didn't wake up. I thought that was strange as my cats wake up very easily.
I don't know if he's unsocialized or just scared. I don't think he's feral. He does run when I come close though but only to the other side of the yard where he will wait until I leave. I can stand a few feet away from him if I don't attempt to come near him. That makes me believe that he's just scared.

I'm worried about him but I don't know what to do. I should mention that I'm unemployed right now so I don't have the money for vet care. The only shelter around here that will take strays in animal control. If he is not friendly he'll be put down. But even if he is chances are good that he'd be put down anyway since he's sick. He's also a black cat which makes him even less adoptable and therefore less likely to get help. But I can't leave him out there to suffer.
What should I do? Anybody have any suggestions? If it matters I'm in Indianapolis.


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Would your vet be willing to help you out with a stray/ferral? Assuming you've only moved a short distance...

Have you looked into any ferral groups in your area?
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Well I moved from western Illinois to central Indiana so it's quite a ways. I haven't yet established a relationship with a vet here. Even if I did though I just don't have the money to pay for it. I have a sick cat myself that needs a lot of vet care and I don't even have money for that. I'm charging all her care to my credit card so I can pay for it when I get a job.
Another problem is that the cat would have to be taken in while he's being treated for whatever his problem is and I have nowhere to take him. If it was up to me I would have no problem taking him here and keeping him in the spare room but my husband refuses to let me take any animals home, even for the night.
I have talked to the local feral/TNR group. Not about this particular cat. Just about getting all the cats trapped and fixed. But because my zip code is so full of strays there is a waiting list to get help from them in this area. They told be that the trapping probably won't happen until September. This organization is very budy because of the enormous stray problem in this county.I guess it wouldn't hurt to contact them though to see if they have any suggestions.

Thank you.
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I think you are right to contact the group again. Tell them what you found and the urgency of getting the cat medical care. Ask them if they will at least come look at the situation. Sometimes seeing what is happening will make more of an impact. Good luck and please keep looking for help. Sorry I don't have more to contribute.
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