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Hey Everyone

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Hey everyone...

Yes I'm still alive, you wouldn't know it byt how often i'm here but I am still around.
I have been so crazy at work. The collection business is in peek season or so I'm told and i have been working long hours for little pay.
I am still looking for anoother job of course and have a few resume';s out there. I have missed talking to everyone and I hope to get back online soon. I am looking into high speed internet at home and might have it near the end of the summer.
Sibohan is well and we are still experianceing her "NEED" to go outside. She escapes at least twice a week into the garage and subsequently onto the driveway where she rolls in dirt and yells at me for wanting to take her inside again. After 7 years you would think that she would be used to being an indoor cat.
Anyhow just stoping in today to have a look around and see who's about.
*HUGS* everyone!!
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Welcome back my friend!... is nice to see you here again!..
to you lovely furballs!..........
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Welcome Back! It sounds like you've been busy.

Has Sibohan always done that or is this something new? Maybe shes missing Duke?

I hope to see you posting again!
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Hello again! Hope you can come back soon. It`s always sad when people disappear

Good luck job hunting!
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June 28th was the 1st Aniversary of Duke's passing. Come to think of it Sibohan started acting up just prior to that. I know she misses him. maybe she wants to go visit. I might take her out on her leash tonight to go vit Duke's grave. I hadn't even thought of that.
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Hello there again! So nice to hear from you!

Job hunting vibes coming your way honey, good luck with it!
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Thanks for stopping in with an update!!
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Welcome back! for your job hunting!
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