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Power of Primping thread? I can't read it but apparently others can?
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It doesn't work for me either.
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There is nothing there so I don't know what happened. To avoid frustration I've simply deleted the thread.
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There is nothing there - I think all the "hits" are just people clicking on it - nothing to read!
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I was wondering why nobody was responding!!

I basically was asking about grooming emergencies. We spend a lot of time and effort on working to keep our cat in top condition for a show. How do you know if a condition issue can be fixed or if your cat gets to enjoy a weekend at home to avoid a disqualification? I had three situations

1) Your show cat has suddenly developed a hot spot from licking in one place too much.

2) Your kitty gets in a tussle with his best buddy and has the scrapes on his face to prove it.

3) Your cat decides that he "doesn't do windows" anymore and he has the embarrassing stains to prove it.

And of course, with all of these situations, I am assuming that if the cat appeared to need medical assistance, it would be withdrawn from competition in order to seek it.
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The hot spots would be the only reason IMO to keep him out of a show and have a vet check. The others are cosmetic and can be taken care of before the show.
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