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Cat acting crazy - in heat?

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In May I adopted 2 year old sisters. The mother of the woman who had the cats (the daughter was moving back home and Mom wanted the rehoming) said she was told the cats were spayed. The daughter told me the same thing when I went to pick up the cats. Both girls have been to the vet since to get their shots, and the vet said she couldn't tell if they had actually been spayed. She didn't see a noticiable scar and told me if indeed they weren't that they would go into heat and act strange. Sure enough Fera was wild last night. She's usually not my problem cat in the evening but last night she was jumping on the bedroom table and meowing out the window like crazy, jumped all over the bed, fought with the male cats, and was trying to get out when I got home last night and when I left this morning. She sat in the living room part of the night just meowing loudly. Thankfully my two boys are indeed fixed and show no interest. If she's not actually spayed (or spayed correctly) I'll find a way to come up with the money to have it done. Is this a heat cycle?
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It sure sounds like it, females when in heat also are very affectionate, they rub their faces on everything, they also put their stomachs low to the ground, and they lift their behinds up in the air and make little chirping sounds.
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SIgns of heat are becoming more affecionate, rubbing on anything and everything, rolling around a lot. Also the cat calls, usually at night, all night, endlessly, non stop, tormenting you. (can you tell I have lived with cats in heat?) She will also do what I call the "butt dance" they lower their back end with their tail up and "walk" in place, trying to rub their behind on you, you dogs, furnature, etc. They also lick themself much more during this time. You may or may not see discharge, not all cats do.

Edit to add- She also may not want to eat much during this time, thats normal, dont be worried.
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It certainly sounds like heat to me. To be fair to the old owners, the surgery may not have been performed correctly the first time around. It can happen.
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I haven't really seen the butt dance, but she's close to me if I go into the living room, meowing a lot and wanting to play more than usual. She did steal some food from one of the other cats (something she wasn't used to eating) and promptly threw up last night. She seemed to quite down after a while (a long while!) and it was the usual cat crazies from two of the other cats.

I don't think the Mom or the former owner was trying to misrepresent anything - I got shot records and all their toys and stuff. It may be an incorrect spay - that actually happened to a dog my family had when I was in high school. The vet left her ovaries in and she still showed signs of heat.
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When she almost is flat on the ground with butt up and feet treading you will KNOW she's in heat!
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I have a 16 year old Cat that could not be fixed and she still goes in heat.
They will stick their butt up and tread.
Mine is part Siamese so she is very loud.
Most Cats will roll on the ground and meow.
Coco no longer rolls.
They also will hug stuff and be more friendly.
They can have a clear dischage also.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
When she almost is flat on the ground with butt up and feet treading you will KNOW she's in heat!
plus mine seemed to REALLY like it when i rubbed their backs near the base of the tail...
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
When she almost is flat on the ground with butt up and feet treading you will KNOW she's in heat!
LOL, that would be the butt dance! They creep up on you too, its kind of erie. I would pick her up, place her in another room, 10 seconds later here comes this backward butt dancing cat!
It is a discomfort for them, and not good for their health.
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Good news - Fera behaved normally for her last night (after she was fed). It doesn't look like she's in heat as she wasn't doing a butt dance and wasn't hanging around me more than usual. Thanks for everyone's help - I'll know what to look for if the situation arises in the future.
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