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I found two missing items in two days!!

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I was looking in my basket which contains my headbands and in it was a hair clip I bought in December that was misplaced a few months ago!!

Then yesterday afternoon while I was putting away a shoe box in the spare bedroom it fell from the shelf and I bent down to retrieve it and there it was -the missing black tank top I hadn't seen since mid May!

I searched the closets and dressers for that top and called my sis to make sure she didn't "take" it by mistake when she was here in May.
I'm thinking it must have fallen off the hanger and was stuck between clothes even though I swear I moved everything.

So that made my day!!

Now if I only could find the small remote control for my light/fogger thing thats in my water garden.......(also MIA since May)
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That's good that you found those items...just need to search the garden for your remote maybe? I'm sure it will turn up sometime!
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Glad you found your stuff.
I wish I could find the keys and credit card I lost in the house somewhere.
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Way to go!!

Earlier this year I found an expensive bottle of perfume that I hadn't been able to find for almost 4 years! The last time I remember having it was after I had been discharged from the hospital. I remember seeing it in my purse and taking it out. I was sure that I had put it back where I keep all of the rest of my perfumes.

Last year I had given away a bunch of bags and purses and when I couldn't find the perfume I had the sinking feeling that I had accidently given it away inside one of the bags, which I had checked before putting them in the charity box, but still it seemed like the only explanation.

Earlier this year when I was looking for a bag to carry my gym stuff in I pulled down my suitcase and looked inside and what did I find? My bottle of perfume inside one of those fold up cosmetic cases!!

Now if I could find my favourite Chinese fold up hand fan that I've been looking for for a year!
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You'll find the remote when you're not looking for it.

One thing I've lost and have looked EVERYWHERE for is my old mobile phone. Grrr.... lol
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When I thought I lost my prescription sunglasses I found them in the glove box of the truck and I know I had looked in there many times before!
As for the remote its pretty small and I would have thought I would have brought it inside either one of the garages, the house or stuck back in the box-nope!! Have to call my mom to see if she remembers seeing it.
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