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Daily Thread Tues July 22nd!

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Morning cat friends!

Its thunderstorms again today Hopefully they go away for the weekend.

I am off at 2:30pm today, and will be meeting an old friend for coffee. I haven't seen her in months! So I am excited!

Nothing much else goin on...have a great day all!
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Gonna go pick some wallpaper for my room today, and I think that's it. Might get the rabbit out on her harness for a walk round the garden now she's stopped having her medicine. Had her out the other day and her and Mitzi were grooming each other

Huhh...When's it the weekend?

Have a good day!

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Waking up to cooler weather-it overcast too-chance of rain this afternoon.

Had some people over for garden visit last night of course it starts to rain 20 minutes before they came. So we walked around with umbrellas.

Should stop at a clients house this morning to see how much more work they want done but it will be muddy working so might wait until tomorrow.

Nothing else going on.

Have a good day!!
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Morning All!!!!

Looks like more storms for here as well. Much cooler today so I am enjoying that. It is nice to have a break from the humidity, it's the first time this week my hair hasn't had the consistency of a Brillo pad..

Off work today but have nothing planned, have a couple of chores I have to get done but not sure if today will be the day..I woke up feeling really lazy this morning so I may just indulge in that...

The kitties are good we all had a 1/2 play time before I got up this morning which mainly consisted of who could find the mouse under the blankets...Even senior citizen Sassy had a go at it so it was quite an amusing time..

Everyone have a great day
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Good morning

Ack, I cant believe its only just past 11am. I'm already done with my water samples for the day. I've got a good bit of soil samples, but somehow they need to last me until 3:30pm! I'm entirely too quick with my work!

Its supposed to be about 97* here today, humid, and a heat index of 107*. Oh joy. How I love this area in the summer

Tomorrow is Katina's first birthday, so I have to go find a party hat at the dollar store or something

Dunno if I'm going to cook anything tonight. I've got some pastas at home still. We had tortellini last night though, so I'll have to see what Rob wants to pick up from the store tonight.
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Good Morning, everyone! Let's see... I've already take none load of trash out, will take used litter next. It's my Saturday (I work Th-Mon). Once the litter is gone, I'll head over to the store, get my cat food (Thank the powers that be one of my local grocers' carries Wysong), and some human food (must have cereal). Then I'm off to get crafting supplies and a bit of fabric, and then off to the shelter for volunteer time, and then Costco.

Maybe I'll get to the gym tomorrow. I don't HAVE to go anywhere tomorrow, so I'll have plenty of time to mosey on down there... eventually I'll get it to Tuesdays.

Busy day ahead... yikes!!

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Taking advantage to ask this: do you know where is the thread about the meeting in Dallas? I can't find it.
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Originally Posted by arie85 View Post
Taking advantage to ask this: do you know where is the thread about the meeting in Dallas? I can't find it.
Is this what you looking for
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Been a crazy day today, I haven't a single lunch or break yet! ...Except for a few mins while I popped on to TCS to do a post or so.

Since I played with my camera so much last night, tonight I really do have to get some more house work done!! I did *some* last night... About 30 mins worth... He he.

It's been so cold here that my laundry isn't drying very quickly! So not only is it backing up because I wasn't doing it (), but now that I am it's really backing up! Oops...

Well, back to work for me!

Enjoy the rest of your evenings!
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Originally Posted by tierre0 View Post
Grazie! (Italian)
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