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My little Edward

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In may a kitten was brought to my work because somebody found it by a garage and i decided to take it home to foster it til I could find it a new home. Well, the time has come to start looking but everytime I think of him going away and not being part of our family anymore i just start crying. it breaks my heart to think of coming home and not seeing him run up to greet me, or going to bed and not having him snuggle up in my hair to go to sleep.
I've seen him grow from a defenseless little 2 week old kitten who I had to take to work with me so i could feed him on time into a feisty 11 week old who climbs on everything and wrestles with my 13 lb tom and holds his own.
As hard as it is to let him go, I like to think that when I find the perfect family for him I'll be able to let him go.. We've had adopted animals before and I just think of every memory we have of them and every new silly thing they do that we wouldn't have experienced if they hadn't been willing to let them go to us.
Anybody have advice on ways to make it easier on all of us?
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Well I say you'll have better peace of mind if Edward chose his own family. By that I mean let would-be adopters come to your place and let Edward interact with them. Personal experience is that Edward will instinctively know which family he wants to go to and he will let you know through his behaviour around them.

Or.... you can always keep him!
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Originally Posted by BabyWukong View Post

Or.... you can always keep him!
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