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Angels little man is 2 mo today

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WOW that was a fast 2 mo!!!! he got one shot today at his vet check and man he was NOT a happy kitty! he was throwing the biggest fit crying, growling, spitting you name it when they were trying to do his shot. he was great up till that point! hahahaa Poor Angel was in my arms ALL upset that he was not happy and she was trying to squirm free to go check on him. The vet was laughing at what a drama king he was and told him he gets the award for the biggest fit. LOL He was 2.9 oz so in about 12 days (they weighed him when I took Angel in for her mastitis) he gained 9 oz. LOL and think he has slowed a bit since he isn't really eating much of the kitten food he always goes to the adult food and plus he has ALOT more room to bomb around and be crazy!!!!!!!! LOL

Then the vet checked to see if his testicles had dropped yet and the look on his face was sooooo funny we were all laughing as he looked soooooooo offended she would do that! LOL

But he is doing great and getting so big......... my hubby said tonight we should name him Dozer which really fits with her personality and his size..... now to try to convince my oldest once she knows we are keeping him and she can name him. LOL I told her tonight that the vet said there was someone interested in him. LOL
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Awww Bless the little guy!!!

Please post more pictures of him!!!!
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More pics, more pics, more pics!

Also, I am glad he is doing well!!!
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still have to get some new pictures.

but we told the kids tonight that we were keeping him. we were so mean to my oldest (she is 16) and after the vets on Mon I told her that the vet told us someone was interested. so tonight I told her that the vet called and they were really interested and wanted the kitten. she was almost in tears. then hubby tells her that they wanted to name him Dozer so my daughter asked how since they hadn't seen him. so we told her that they saw him when we were at the vets and the kitten was chewing on his hair and attacking the guy and he thought dozer was the perfect name. we told her that we could get updates on the kitten so she asked how often and hubby told her as often as we called. Then hubby told her that we had to call him dozer and asked if she wanted the guys number. my daughter said no but I gave it to her and it was our number. her mouth dropped and she was like WHAT we can keep him?!?!??!?!? she was now really almost in tears. hahaaa we are so mean! then hubby said the HE was the guy and that the only way we could keep him was if his name was dozer she asked if she could still call him little man so they comprimised and his name is now "little man dozer" hahaa!

Then I told the little girls (they are 5 and 3) I asked if they knew where his home was going to be. the 5 yr old said no. and I said right here........ her eyes were so big and she got a HUGE smile. it was so cute. the 3 yr old didn't really understand much but she was cute saying his name was "Little Man Dozer"
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Awwww Bless!!!

Little man Dozer is so lucky to have a great family to love him! What a special guy!

Still waiting for pics *hint* *hint*
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Pics of Little Man Dozer! I will not back down until I see more of his cuteness!

Also, I am glad you are keeping him!
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