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Kittens and worms... ?

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I've heard kittens are born with worms. Is this true? I have two kittens, both about 4 months old. They get along great with my two older cats.
My concern is, though they've both been examined when I first got them, I haven't yet had a chance to get them dewormed.
My husband recently had an accident and it's been very hard on us financially so I haven't had any means to get them to the vet. Don't get me wrong, they're very happy and healthy cats. I just haven't had the means to take them for their shots and everything.
If I haven't gotten them dewormed, would they pass worms (if they have them) on to my two older cats? I'm planning on taking them in the next week or so to get dewormed and everything, but should I worry about my other two?

Thanks for answering.
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Kittens get worms thru nursing from an infected mother, ingesting worm eggs from soil or eating infected prey. The last two are also the way older cats get worms.
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Try looking for a low cost clinic in your area. I took Marley there for his first round of shots and only spent 45.00. The price included his shots, ear mite treatment, 2 doses of dewormer. Also, at my regular vet, it cost 5.00 for a treatment for tapeworm. Most major cities have a low cost spay nueter clinic that also offers discount on pet medicines. I'd do some research on the internet and see if there is one close to you. Good luck
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