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Quick!! Fleas!!

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We picked up 2 kittens at a farm that was giving them away. I noticed right away that they had fleas. I brought them home and bathed them in dish soap. Then, this morning (day #2), I applied Hartz OneSpot flea treatment. Tonight I noticed there are still fleas. Can I rebathe them? Will it wash off the flea treatment? Shouldn't they be dead by now? How long should I wait. Please tell me quick!
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I would check with vet. My new kitty was given Frontline today by vet as precaution thankfully, but he said that store brand of flea killers are sometimes fatal to small kittens! So becareful! Good Luck!
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No sure about the redipping them part, but one of the things I have found over the years(nice old time farmer told me about this) was mule team 20-20 borax (found in the launry section). Put this down on carpets or floors, and 20 mins later vacunm it up. That will kill the fleas in the house and does not harm the cats. Do this once a week and it will kill the eggs and young also. This way you help break that part of the cycle.

As I have never had much faith in Hartz's flea killers, I could not tell you. Here we use the Frontline Plus and find it much better.

Good luck with the little ones!
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My vet recommended Revolution for my kitten - said it's more gentle than some of the other prescription medicines, and is supposed to get rid of ticks, and a few types of worms along with fleas.

Cleopatra didn't care much for it at first, but she's been a fairly happy kitten since!

I'm not all that experienced, but I'd say ask your vet about it. You could try calling them on the phone first, to see whether you need to bring the kittens in or not.
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Thanks for the quick replies. I'll see the vet in the a.m., but it's 10 pm here now, and I'm not wanting these fleas here another second! Would another bath wash off the flea treatment, since it's been on for 12 hours? They still look greasy.
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The bath probably wouldn't wash it off. If you retreat them with anyting - flea collars, shampoos, liquids, are applying a double dose of poison to baby kittens. They could easily die.

You will most likely just have to wait until the vet opens in the AM. OTC flea medicines often do not work & have been known to kill animals.

My advice? Never buy an OTC flea med, dewormer, etc. Always go through your vet.

You can bathe in Dawn dishsoap to wash off/kill the fleas. Just please, do not treat them again until consulting with your vet. Tell the vet what you used & when. Mine says you must wait at least 2-4 weeks before applying a flea preventative of any kind again. You may be able to get Capstar from the vet, which will kill any live fleas on them (but the fleas are most likely in the house now, you might have to treat the house).
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I will talk to the vet. Thank you. I didn't want to pay $14 each for a dose of Frontline or Advantage, and I had the Hartz. As far as the fleas being in our house, how will I know? They've been kept in our white-tiled bathroom 95% of the time. They have been in our living room and we've held them, too. I'll pick up some borax, as suggested. What signs do I look for?
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Way back when....when there was no such thing as Revolution or Frontline, etc. and my cat had fleas....not too many of them...I took a flea comb and a glass of water.....I combed through her fur..and as a flea got caught on the comb.....I'd hold on to the flea and dip the comb in the glass of water...the flea died instantly. It was plain tap water.

It's true that the eggs will hatch a few days after they are laid.....and it's true that a flea can live in your carpeting, cracks in the hardwood floor or on soft it might take a few weeks of vigilence to totally get rid of them.

Would dipping your cat in plain water once a day hurt it? At least you could see how many fleas float to the surface. Some will run to the neck, and someone suggested soaping up the neck before dipping the that any fleas that ran to the neck area would die.

I just can't see applying all those chemicals to such a young cat. I know that there has to be a quick start solution such as an application of Vet recommended flea killer....but after that initial treatment...wouldn't water be a safe continuous treatment. Kittens are easy to handle.....certainly easier than dipping a full grown cat....yikes!!

You'll know if your house has fleas. They will bite you, and you may see them jumping. Someone suggested putting flea powder into your vacuum cleaner bag...and vacuuming your floors and furniture...alot!!! I used to also wash my hardwood floor with plain water...the floor didn't need cleaning, per se.

Good Luck!
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Yes please don't retreat the kittens again, it could be deadly to them.

You are still seeing fleas on the kittens. Perfectly normal. You see once the fleas jump on and bite the kittens it takes them about 24 hours to die completely, although the medicine should start killing them almost immediately.

Also once the fleas bite the animal they start laying eggs. One female flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day. So chances are some of the fleas and their eggs were able to get into your house, carpeting, etc. and even though you bathed your kittens, those fleas are probably the ones you are now seeing on the kittens.

Get some Diatomaceous Earth by Perma Guard, the food grade type, which is also edible by humans and animals. Farmers use it in their grain stock to kill pests. This "Earth" is not a chemical. It is mechanical. It is ground up fresh water diatoms. See here It explains what the diatomaceous earth is: [url="http://"]

Also here is a link to the Perma Guard site: [url="[/URL]

Once again, make sure to get the food grade one!
Hope this helps!
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Again, I thank you all for your care and help!

After I posted last night, I went in and sifted throught their fur with my fingers. I found 3 big fleas on one kitten, and none on the other. I bought a flea comb this morning, and combed out 3 small fleas on the one (Rocco, same one who had them last night), and none on the other. I feel like progress is being made! I will be vacuuming today, and flea combing them again. I will not use more chemicals right now. I have to pick up my 2 bigger kittens today from their neuter surgery, so I plan on picking the vet's brain about these 2 little ones.

Thank you for answering my plea! It's great to know I have someplace to go at 10pm with cat issues! Have a blessed day!
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Sounds like you are making progress already. When you take the fleas off the kitties..what are you doing with them? I hope you're drowning them...

Lots of vacuuming will well as to keep combing your kitties. It just takes persistance....

Good Luck!
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I am drowning them!

I got those pills (Capstar?) from the vet to kill the fleas, gave it to them around 2. Now, for my house. I'm vacuuming soon!
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Originally Posted by theallis5 View Post
I am drowning them!

I got those pills (Capstar?) from the vet to kill the fleas, gave it to them around 2. Now, for my house. I'm vacuuming soon!
Empty the bag outside after every vacuuming.
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