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I took pictures of Mitzy

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So if you looked in my intro there was only one picture,and that was in his old house. Well I took some pictures in my house. Please excuse the boxs. I really should buy some more furniture's on my to do list.

nom nom nom. I know they say whiskas is bad for me, but I like it meowmy

Mmmm crunchy bits too.

nooooooooooo gerritoff! I don't wanna wear a collar

What you want me to climb on that?

Well if you're going to put treats on it...

All gone.Can I has some more?
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Cute! But he's a male cat right? Mitzy sounds distinctly female And Whiskas is terrible food!
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Awww, Mitzy is adorable.
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There's a reason for that. When his owners bought him they were told that it was deffinatly a girl cat they had got. So they named her Mitzy and she got used to that name. So then they were going on holiday and went to get her spayed as they didn't want to come home to kittens. The vet told them that it would be cheaper and there would deffinatly be no kittens as Mitzy is a boy cat.

Well by that time changing his name would have confused him, so they kept it. Which is why he's a boy cat with a girl name.

Sorry the photos are so dark, I took them on my mobile. I've tried to make some better. I'm glad you like him. He's such a pretty kitty.

I keep hearing its a bad food, but I don't know what to change him to. His owners fed him whiskas. Blame them. I've just not changed it yet :P
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Well you can visit the Health and Nutrition section of TCS. You'll get a lot of advice on what food is suitable for kitties.. many TCSers are very experienced in picking out quality food for their kitties. Good food is essential to keep your handsome Mitzy happy and healthy and live for longer, so do take time to read that thread and decide what's the best food for your pretty boy
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I made a thread asking for advice on what brands are best. ^_^
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What a handsome boy he is I'm from the UK as well so i'll pop over to the health forum about the food
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Bless him! He`s a sweetie!

I know what you mean. When my dad had a smallholding there were a few ferals around and one got to be very friendly and we fed that one and he lived in the big shed. He was called Harvey. Well, one day 'Harvey' had kittens after he/she`d been there a good few years but by then Harvey suited her so she kept the name.
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He is a good looking fella. I love his face.
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Thank you. The only place that sells food near me had ingredients I'm told to avoid, so I'm going to have to order in, and I can't find ingredients online.

Awww bless. There aren't any ferrals here, but I imagine it'd be easy to get their genders mixed up.
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I love his face too! what a cutie!
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^_^ Thank you
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Awww, what a sweetie!
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Thank you ^_^

He's currently sat in the middle of my living room floor wondering what the big things are running around the other side of the room. Rabbits fascinate him :P
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Aww bless. he's a cutie. My Mitzi loves the rabbit, they sit next to and groom each other
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awww bless ^_^ Mitzy likes my sofa while the buns are just going about as usual I have more pictures of him to put up. Of him on my sofa.
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These are in the living room after he'd been introduced to the bunnies...because it's such hard work you know. Being a cat and all :P

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Aww Mitzy sure has a really tough life
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hehe yeah, in case you can't tell, the pink is me :P

Oh yes, such a hard life indeed. He's currently rubbing against my fridge in the hope that it'll conceed and allow him to devour the tuna within.
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Aww he's a cutie

How old is he?
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We've been all through this. Whiskas is NOT "terrible food." It's not the best, probably, but there's no reason to expect that your cat could eat it his whole life and not be reasonably healthy. No cat food company is in the business of killing their customers, and to assume otherwise is just crazy.

That said, much of the pet food industry uses leftovers from other industries. This may come as a shock, but that's true even of the high-priced, premium brands. But there is a wide range of qualities and sources of the stuff used in the foods.

My brother has two cats who are well into their dotage (15+ years), and the BEST they've ever eaten is Purina Cat Chow. Often they've eaten the cheapest store brand. One has been to the vet exactly once, to be spayed. The other has been twice, to be spayed, and for an impacted anal gland.

There is a lot of great advice here about quality food, but I don't think it should include a guilt trip about what people are feeding their cats.
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Thank you, He's eight years old. ^_^ His previous owner is telling me to start letting him out over the weekendI want to give him one more week with the house first so eitherway I should have some photos of him sunning in the garden soon.

And reading the ingrediants on whiskas I'd certainly have changed foods with or without this forums health. It's disgusting what they put in that food. Although my sister assures me that it was a lot worse at one point. Especially the percentage of ash used.
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I love his expression! He looks totally like Garfield! Do you guys have Garfield in England??

Post pics of the bunnies too! Over in the "other animals" area.
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Oh but he's nowhere near as fat as garfield.
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