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Yellow or White Gold?

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Do you wear yellow or white gold? [or silver] I only wear white or silver! You?
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my engagment ring is gold (yellow gold I guess?) I dunno, just gold.
I like platnum or silver the best however.
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Yellow gold, deffinately! I also really like pearls, and they look so good on yellow gold.
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My engagement ring is platinum. Other than that, I wear just about anything, silver, pearls, gold . . . depends on what kind of mood I'm in.
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I've never been a big fan of silver or white gold. It doesn't seem to look good on my skin tone as good at yellow gold.
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Im white gold, yellow doesnt suit me...
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I have quite a bit of sterling silver and marcasite. My engagement ring is an antique amethyst, set in rose gold.
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I'm a yellow gold person, also due to skin tone. But my class ring is white gold.
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My class ring is silver and I never liked it, but at the time that's all Ma & Pa could I wasn't picky. But I doubt if I'll ever wear it again...I don't know what I was thinking when I picked it out! It's so ugly!
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I usually like silver or white gold, but my wedding ring is yellow gold. I wanted yellow gold because there's something so classic about it.
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I do yellow gold, but the thing I guess is platinum or white gold. I wish I would've went with it because there are so many cooler things in that versus yellow gold. I had a HELL of a time trying to find a band that I liked.
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I wear only silver, but I'd like my wedding ring to be platnium (too bad my bf doesn't read TCS!)
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I LOVE white gold. I have a pic of my ring somewhere.... it needs to be cleaned bad!! but here it is
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Give him a real big hint or tell him white Gold is close.
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BLACK HILLS GOLD! That's my absolute favorite! My engagement/wedding ring set (I luckily wised up before the wedding) was black hills gold!
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both my engagement ring and my wedding ring are white gold and I only ever wear white gold or silver.

I have attached a pic of my engagement ring (it has tiny diamonds that wind all the way around if you can't see them properly). My wedding ring is exactly the same but without the diamonds.

My mother in law stayed with us last night and gave me a beautiful white gold ring with rubies all the way around it - I am spoilt (ps it's always good to have a mother in law who only had sons...)
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I wear mostly silver, but have some gold jewelry too. I think it depends on what you're wearing, some colors look better with gold and some with silver.
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I prefer silver or white gold. Although my birthstone, opal, looks better in yellow gold, so my opal jewelry is in yellow gold.
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I will be getting my mother's yellow gold set, eventually. Its a big solitaire, with a diamond wraparound. I'll get them resized and wear them on my right hand.
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I like both but prefere yellow gold, all my real stuff is yellow gold including my wedding rings!

with real yellow gold you know the jewllery is real, but white gold or platinum looks like silver, but so much more expensive, I know it doesn't tarnish like silver, but when wearing it, if you can't realy tell it's platinum why bother?

however I am a big fan of the mixed white and yellow gold jewlery out there!
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Definitely silver or white gold, the only yellow I have is my wedding band....
But I'm shopping around for some in white gold for our 10 year anniversary in January.
Yes, I'm starting a bit early, but what woman doesn´t looooove shopping for jewelery??
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I hope you can see this right... It's a half a carat with 14k yellow gold surrounding it. The wedding band is also 14k yellow gold.
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I prefer yellow gold... I just don't look right in silver or white gold... must be my skin tone.

And Tamme, I really like your engagement ring... from what I can see, it's simple, yet quite beautiful.
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I prefer white.... yellow makes me look pasty!
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Me too!I think white gold shines !
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Originally posted by jgaruba
And Tamme, I really like your engagement ring... from what I can see, it's simple, yet quite beautiful.
Thanks Jenn, I had it made so I can wear it to work. No sharp edges to knick the residents and cause harm and still simple and elegant that I can be proud of it.
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I don't wear jewlery in general, however, what I do have is silver or white gold, and if I had to pick stuff out then I go toward that type .
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