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Life was a lot easier when I didn't care all that much about what we used in the garden. But now I take care of two sweet little semi-ferals (TNR'd and becoming tamer by the hour), and I would love to find a solution for mosquitoes that won't (a) actually harm and (b) annoy the kitlets.

I used to use citronella candles and Off (DEET). This year I didn't light the candles because I read that they are actually recommended as cat deterrents - the opposite of what I want. I also don't like to use the Off because I don't know if I might be passing some residue to the kitties, even though I rinse my hands thoroughly after applying it.

We are at a crucial stage of our love affair, kitties and I. From being totally feral, one is learning the joys of being skritched behind the ears and under her chin, while the other observes carefully even though he is a bit more skittish. I go out to play with them every evening and both rub their little faces all over my legs, the newspaper, the lawn chair, and the side table. Obviously I don't want that to stop, but I don't want to be covered in mosquito bites either.

The touchy-feely one always sniffs my hand thoroughly before letting herself be petted. So far she hasn't pulled away, but I would still like to find some way to keep mosquitoes away while keeping kitties close, and safe.

I am so glad I found this forum! I am slowly reading older threads and it's so comforting to see others going through the same experience, taking care of kitties who are not quite housepets but also not quite self-sufficient alley cats anymore, either.