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River Dance

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Has anyone ever seen River Dance? The Irish Dancer? I think it is great! I would love to see them in person!!!
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Yes!! Not in person, though. My mom has one of their movies, and I love watching it!!!
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I've seen it twice, although not with Michael Flatley (or Michael Flathead, as my friend calls him). My two favorite dances are Trading Taps and Thunderstorm. If you get a chance, go and see it live. Tapes and TV do not compare AT ALL!
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I saw them in London a good few years back before Michael Flatley left.

Although the whole thing was a bit cheesy overall, the power of having that many dancers moving in unison is truly awe inspiring, and they really are very, very talented.
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The Riverdance is a breath taking, heavenly masterpiece in my opinion!!!

I couldn't stop watching it (only on VHS, Im afraid). I especially loved the Flamenco dance segment. I used to dance flamenco myself, and I am addicted to any Spanish or Irish song and dance!!!:flash:
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