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Cat Vomits & Scratches - Help!

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My 4yo female has been vomiting frequently - it's always food (no hair) partially digested. I've seen her do it about twice while I've been home - she meows, heaves, and spews. I've made sure she has plenty of water so that she doesn't get dehydrated. She has plenty of energy and is otherwise playful and social.

I've also noticed that she has scratched a bald patch underneath her neck. She can't lick the area, but I've seen her scratch it heavily. What is the best way to treat the bald spot, and could it be related to the vomiting?

There is another cat in the house, her brother. They share two litter boxes and I haven't found anything unusual in them (no diarrhea or change in the amount of material - she's going to the bathroom normally). They play with each other and I haven't noticed any change in her behavior other than the scratching and vomiting. Her brother has no symptoms. They are indoor-only.

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Sounds like there is something in her throat causing her discomfort. Could be any # of things, the bald spot is probably due to her trying to scrach to get whatever it is out. Take her to the vet ASAP.
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Can't do any harm to have a Vet look in her mouth and down her throat to see if something is stuck, or wrong.

My Maxie was chewing on the bristles of a corn broom one time when a piece broke off and got caught across his palate. He kept pawing at his mouth, sometimes with one paw, and sometimes with two. Also, he kept sticking his tongue out as if to be licking at something. It took me about 2 minutes of watching this to realize that there was something not right. When I opened his mouth, there was the stuck piece of bristle. It just flicked out with my finger.....but it must have bothered him alot. His tongue action must have been to try to dislodge the bristile from the roof of his mouth. He was not any worse for wear afterwards...but I removed the broom from his reach!!

Hope your kitty is feeling better soon!!
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