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I just got called in to work tonight More dinero for me :P

So far they've called me in to work on Sunday and Monday. I worked the lunch shift today and have been home maybe an hour and they called me in and asked if I'd like to work the evening shift. Typically it's not a big deal, but since I'm new I don't get many hours and I don't get many tables. The fact that they are calling me in means they're starting to trust my ability to be a great server!


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Good job, Cassie! Way to go!
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Where do you work at?? You sem to really like your job..I think it is wonderful when people actually like their jobs and look forward to going to them..I am not working at the moment but I do plan on it after all of the kids are in school though,,,,Have fun!
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I'm a waitress at Chevy's. It's a "Fresh Mex" (kinda like a Tex Mex restaurant, except everything is made completely fresh). It's pretty darn good money, and my co-workers are the most team oriented, friendly, fun, and helpful people you could hope for.

I know it's not a 'career' or whatever, but I'm planning on college this fall (if I can get enough money after making car payments, and getting car fixed and insurance UGHUGHUGH), so I'm not planning on being a waitress forever.

Though I very much enjoy going to work. I won't say that I *love* being a waitress, because there are tasks that I'd enjoy more. However, I can't remember ever having a job that had such a great team.

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