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Clueless? Please help

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Hi everyone. I am new to this forum, and new to owning a cat. His name is Marley and he is a 4month old orange tabby. There was a stray that had a litter of kittens in my shed and I decided to keep Marley. I didn't know he was even there until he was about 5-6 weeks old.
Sorry for being so long winded but I want you to know about him so maybe his behavior will make more sense, because I am clueless how to fix it.
First of all let me say that he can be very sweet when he wants to be. He will sit on my lap or near me and just sleep or play. But the issue I am having with him is that he meows ALL the time. If i am not sitting on the couch or laying in bed, he is meowing. If he is hungry, tired, walking into or out of the room, he is meowing. I know he is a talker and I don't mind it sometimes, but it is constant and driving me crazy.
Also, he wants to go outside alot and sits by the door and meows a very deep meow. Will this desire go away or should I accept it and let him go outside when he wants?? I'm just worried because we live on a busy road and there are cyotes in the field behind our house.
Lastly, we have a dog and most of the time they play alright together, but sometimes Marley will be playing one second and the next he will be growling/meowing and swating at the dog while trying to bite him, and you can tell he's not playing. When I go to pick him up and remove him from the situation he usually bites me, not hard enough to break the skin, but nonetheless he is biting me. If I give him a correction, I will tell him no and touch him on the chest, and he meows a not very nice meow and then takes off.
Are all these things normal kitten behavior or do I have a little monster on my hands? I appreciate any advice you can offer! Thanks!!
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Is Marley neutered?

My cat lunges for my dog and pins her with his teeth and everything. His tail is up and playful and he may make he yelp once but never does any harm. Cats play rough.

Beyond that, he's still a kitten, lots of energy to get out and all!
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No, he is not nuetered yet. I will probably have it done within 1-2 months.
I am hoping it will chill him out a little. I love it when he is very playful and running around the house. That does not bother me, it's the constant meowing and him being so aggressive sometimes that gets me. I've tried ignoring him, shouting no, saying no softly, nothing seems to work!
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Hi, at his age, and honestly even once he's neutered, he'll just be a huge bundle of energy looking for a place to happen til he's at least a year, and more, and if you let him outside, you'll never see him again. He's not old enough to take care of himself at all for starters, and even when he is, will have a lousy and short life out there (you can't count on a young male cat automatically coming home any time soon). He also sounds like he needs another cat friend at home - can you manage that? That's what all the meowing's about. I do suggest you look into a safe cat enclosure for him, and/or a proper 4-point harness and leash, though be prepared for him to want 'out' a lot if you only do the leash thing. Another thing that will help is a cat tree, one with various perches and hide-a-ways, plus toys you can play with him ... with, like a fat, 5' cord with a knot at either end to drag under the covers or paper on the floor so he has something to pounce on (a huge play reward for cats), and little balls to chase (that you keep retrieving from under the furniture!).
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He is reaching sexual maturity and his desire to go outside is probably due mainly to him sensing the nearby presence of female cats in heat. This will likely continue until shortly after he is neutered. I hope for your sake that he doesn't decide to advertise his "availability" by marking your home.

There have been countless debates on this forum about letting cats live outside unsupervised, but I would think that regardless of which side of the fence they're on, nearly everyone would agree that this is a bad idea for intact cats. There are enough unwanted kittens in the world and the desire to roam and fight to mate makes it extremely likely that you would never see your cat again, as Larke noted. Please wait until after he is neutered and the hormones have left his system before even considering letting him outside.

Also, when he fights with the dog, please do not try to break it up with your hands. He is an amped-up bundle of energy and emotion at that point, and as you're already aware he will redirect his aggression to you. Clap your hands, bang pot lids together, toss a toy in a different direction, but don't get physically involved.
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I would not wait on neutering him. He may start spraying and being destructive to get outside, which you definitely don't want to let him do. Neuter him asap.

When he is playing with the dog and suddenly gets growly and bites at the dog, that is how he tells the dog that he has had enough. By picking him up you are just asking to get bit. Leave him alone, he can tell the dog he has had enough and if the dog doesn't get it right away he will learn. The cat can always run off and hide or just up somewhere that the dog can't get to him.
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I would not let the kitty outside at any age. There are so many dangers out there - fights with other cats, dogs, I think you mentioned coyotes, traffic, mean humans who harm/kill/kidnap cats, etc. I am a big believer that cats should be kept indoor-only if at all possible. And the desire to go outside will lessen in time. When Murray (who was a stray and thus used to the outdoors) first moved in with me several years ago, he used to whine a lot to go outside, but now he very rarely does so.

Good luck.
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