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I rode in a peruvian horse festival!

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haha long story but I ended up riding in a traditional peruvian horse festival. The horses were just GORGEOUS so I thought I'd share a couple photos

This isn't me...... I wish, but an andalusian stallion, spanish demonstration

My riding coachs peruvian colt, she is going to keep him to breed, he has outstanding bloodlines and is the sweetest thing you could ever ask for!

This is me on a peruvian gelding - valador

Me and my coach - Valador and Milagro

Other then a bit of rain it was a great day! Hope you liked the photos!
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Well, how lucky can you get?? The horses are awesome and you look right at home in the saddle!!
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That is awesome!!! You are so lucky!

I've never rode a Peruvian horse before, but I would LOVE to! We had a short little show here in our small town by a family that owns a bunch of Peruvians.
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oooh I'm so jealous! Wish I could've had that chance....ah well, I'm still pretty satisfied with my quarter horses

The horses look so gorgeous! Especially that stallion!

And that colt looks quite a bit like my friends colt, also being kept as a stud. It's like they are long lost twins on the opposite sides of the world!

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IT was quite a treat! I had a fantastic time!
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Gorgeous horses - I particularly like the colt, he is very handsome and muscular and well proportioned and has the look of making a good stud when he is mature
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What lovely looking horses...I bet that ride was fabulous!!!
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Beautiful horses!
Great photos!
It looks like you had a wonderful time.
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What a wonderful day...
the horses are beautiful and you are too, sitting proudly atop Valador.
Thanks your sharing your day with us.
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