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Daily Thread Monday July 21st!

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Morning peeps!

Thunderstorms and warm outside today. I am not doing much...staying late at work tonight for final interviews. We are hiring and the final 3 prospects come in tonight to go through the panel interview.

Going to be ordering my wedding dress this week We finally booked the venue officially, so the dress is the next step. I can't wait to put it on again

Nothing much else goin on though...have a great day folks!
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Haven't been up to much this morning as usual, feeling a bit naff today.

This afternoon I'm gonna go and buy the new Now 70 album, and rent a few movies to watch later.

Enjoy your day folks!
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It's my last week at work then i'm on holiday for 2 weeks

Gils down on my 2nd week because we have a wedding to go to that week. *Note to self* Must order his thistle on saturday.
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Good morning!

Trying to get myself motivated at work this morning. I think I'm worn out from mowing the grass yesterday (even on a riding mower!). Did get a lovely tan though I learned last night that when you have exhausting dreams, it seems you are more tired in the morning. (I was running a lot in my sleep last night )

Hope to be out of here by 3:15-3:30. DH took the car though, so we'll see what time he actually gets here when I call him. Nothing else going on really. Going to cook three-cheese tortellinis tonight for dinner.
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Originally Posted by Tara & Rob View Post
Going to cook three-cheese tortellinis tonight for dinner.
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Well we are actually starting to have lower dew points which mean lower humidity!!

Off to work in a bit-lots of weeding and digging-yuck.

Harvested some green bean from garden last night-will have for lunch.

Friends coming over tonite for garden tour-hope it doesn't rain.

Got an odd email from ISP-I think it might be a scam but they are having problems with their help section so I will try later with them.

Cats are all in and snoozing already.

Have a good day!!
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I am off work today. My boyfriend and I each took vacation days today so spend time with his nieces and nephew who are up visiting his parents in Vermont. So we're in Vermont right now.

Have some errands to do at his parents house, and then playing with the kids. Back to work tomorrow, but I only have a 3 day week, because we have Friday off as well.

The kitties are by themselves right now in the apartment. We left them yesterday morning, but we'll be home tonight. Hopefully they were okay, because I think there were thunderstorms last night. Poor Namine, she's terrified of thunderstorms.

Have a good one.
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Morning All!!!

Storming here this morning and has been off and on since 5 A.M.

Heading off to work shortly, nothing else special planned. Maybe pick up a movie for later..

Am thinking about Chinese for dinner but not sure yet.

The kitties are all sleeping this morning, got up had a snack, gave me a see you after work look and headed back to bed...Lucky kitties...

Everyone have a good day
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I'm a disaster today! My babies are gone!!

I got home last night pretty late, just before midnight. And I had made sure I always spent minimum one hour a day with them (not including cleaning and feeding and bathing time), so when I got home, it was so strange to not have to / be able to spend time with the X-Pack! Their little room was so empty and quiet... It's really hit me now, they're gone!

Oh well, they are off to great little lives, I'm sure! Their rescue group may have had issues, but they won't do wrong by the babies. And, to be perfectly honest, since I wasn't allowed to mingle them with my other pets, it will be nice to not have two separate lives at home. And, I'll be honest, they pretty much occupied every spare second, so now I'll be able to do things like write on here more, socialize with family and friends, and silly things like laundry and house cleaning!

So guess what my plans are today... All of the above! Oh, and I'll probably play with our new toy (nice new camera!) some more.

Besides, it's so cold and yucky here I don't really want to do anything but be a home-body, anyway! It's even so cold that our heater is coming on! (It's set pretty low, for in the winter, but seems we're having winter weather now!)

Aw, my kitty update is so much smaller now! Just little Evie-kins. She was a good little alarm clock this morning, except she was too cuddly and it was SO hard to take her off my chest just to get up to go to work!

Everyone have a great day!
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It is cloudy and cool here - not even going to be 80 F. Not to worry. Wednesday's forecast is for 96 F.

I took Butzie to the vet this morning. Poor little girl. There was another cat in the next room who was bawling - such pitiful meows! Butzie was shaking and didn't meow at all. She got her shots and her claws trimmed. She is very unhappy with me now since I am not letting her out today. She has a heart murmur but the vet said that she didn't think that we need to worry about it now but if I notice changes in her energy level Butzie will have to have an ultrasound.

Ben starts a week of dance camp this week.
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Today's not going so great here so far. I've been sick most of the day. I couldn't fall asleep night until around 3am. At that time i felt ok, nothing weird and just went to bed. But around 6:20 i woke up sick as a dog and Colin took care of me for a bit. I'm still not sure why i felt so bad. (i was nauseous, sick to my stomach, and burning up but not sweating....i felt "hungover" but didn't have anyhing alcoholic at all yesterday) Colin thinks i was just dehydrated so he gave me tons of water and pedialyte to drink, and i felt a good deal better after that so maybe i had been. (Weird though- i don't drink soft drinks at all, and stayed inside yesterday and sipped on water all day- so i dunno)

I'm feeling a little better now though but still feeling kinda sick. Weird stuff!

I was going to go to the Lush store today with my niece and go to the gym for some cardio tonight but i think i'm going to do all of that tomorrow. I just feel like laying around the house today.
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