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Friend moving!! Needs solution for ferals!

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My friend has been feeding 4 or 5 ferals for 10 years. She is disabled living in a building for disabled people.
She is moving in three weeks. She has searched for a couple of years for a solution to caring for the cats and found none. For ten years, they've cut greatly into her meager monthly Social Security check (which she lives off of).

No one in the building is able or willing to feed them after she leaves. She isn't able to trap them and take them to her new location. The building wouldn't let her put a self-feeding apparatus in the back even if she could afford it.

She's called every feral organization she can find with no help.

To help her, I'm asking if anyone here has advice or solutions to offer.

Time is of the essence.

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Where is she located? Not the addres, but the city and a general location.
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Have you contacted Alley Cat Allies? I think they will send you a list of contacts for feral caretakers. On this link click the "inqury form" and look around the site for information.

You can also call the local vet offices in your area and outside your area as a resourse. They may know of someone that cares for feral cats. Just ask them if they know any "crazy cat ladies". They understand that term. Leave them your phone number. Ask to talk to the vet tech. Sometimes they foster amimals and may have other contacts that might help.

Some animal shelters know people who take care of feral/stray cats. Maybe they could put you in touch with someone close by.

Ask about low cost spay/neuter clinics in your area. Call them . They will know the people that care for ferals and strays.

Where are you located? Are the cats already spayed and neutered. I hope you find a solution. Good luck.
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My friend with the problem is in Hollywood, CA, part of Los Angeles County (I'm in Texas.)

As I said, for two years she's talked to every one she can (vets, feral societies, government agencies, elected officials, animal shelters, pet stores, 'cat ladies' etc.,etc.) they all tell her they can't help or have no room for anymore cats. At this point, she knows all the neutering people, the permit givers for trapping, feral societies, vets, etc.- many gave her hope that only led to dead ends.

She feels at this point the only thing she can do is put them to sleep which will break her heart.

I'll tell her about 'Alley Cats' though to me they sound familiar. I would be surprised if she hasn't tried them but I will forward the info.
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Maybe someone in this group can help. I would if I live in So Calbut its to far for me.
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Just trying to post anything I can think of, sorry if this is something she has already tried. This is a link to join the Best Friends forums. It says they help with difficult situations.

May have to try a phone call to them. They state on the site that it takes weeks to respond to their emails.

I hope she finds some help for the cats.
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Sending vibes that your friend finds some solutions very soon
Also, if she is considering putting them down, does that mean that they are approachable??? A friend of mine has had to put down 11 of her colony so far - - fortunately, we have a wonderful vet who understands.And my friend has put in $$$$ into these cats...she gave me the cat beds, towels, toys, etc. in case that I can start a cat rescue, since I have gotten some from her already. Getting people to open their hearts, to open their homes, can be so tough
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