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Holladay zoo SMELLS

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Well, here at the Holladay zoo, we're getting two more additions this week. That ups the list to:

4 Dogs
2 Cats
5 Frogs
5 Snakes
1 Savannah Monitor
1 Columbian Tegu

Annnnd knowing us, they'll probably be more snakes coming in soon.

SO. The problem is the smell.

I have the 5 frogs, Tegu, and one snake in my bedroom, which is HUGE. Of course Bella's usual place is my room, but she doesn't stink in ANYway possible.

I know that I have to clean out the excrement and such, that's a given. But does anyone else know of a way to keep my room smelling fresh? I've been spraying the heck out of a Fabreeze can, but it's temporary. I have a candle, but I'm too afraid to leave it lit while Bella's around, because she's so darn curious. I have those incense things from Pier 1, not that you burn but it's like a liquid with sticks in it... but I haven't opened it because Bella is sure to get into that, too.

If anyone knows of anything, please let me know.
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An electric air purifier.

Oliver's food, water and one litter box are in my room with my goldfish tank and my aquatic frog tank... I got a small Holmes desktop air purifier from walmart and it sits on top of the litter box cabinet... in fact, last Thursday, my cousin was visiting and we were in my room getting ready for the bar and she goes "It doesn't smell like pets in here AT ALL!" Basically, she completely eliminated the possibility of ever getting a cat because of litter box smell (not just poo/pee but the litter in general too) so for her to make that comment meant a lot.

The one I got wasn't expensive at all - you're supposed to change the filter once a month, but I've been vacuuming mine and they last much longer than that. You may want to invest in a larger one, like maybe a stand up one since you do have lots of animals (and I know that herps can smell, even when you keep things clean)... I know walmart had a large selection of different sizes and I believe they have some where you just clean the filter and not buy replacements.
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you might try these: zeolite crystals. i have a bag in each of the litterbox closets... i think they help.
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
you might try these: zeolite crystals. i have a bag in each of the litterbox closets... i think they help.
Oh yeah, I have one of those in the litter box cabinet too - got mine at walmart (not sure if that or the electric purifier does more... but I definitely don't wake up in the middle of the night due to poo smell anymore)
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Dunno... I had 30+ Snakes and juvanille snakes were scheduled to eat at the same time and adults ate at the same time so all poo'd on a schedule, on the day they all poo'd their homes got emptied, scrubbed out, fresh aspen put in,

if your reptiles enclosures have a 'zoo' smell, the entire enclosure of the animal needs to be scrubbed clean & fresh stuff put in.

Keep it clean... no smell.

Good luck. & Dont forget the pictures.
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You underestimate me, Lore! OF COURSE I keep the enclosure clean. It's a definite must.

I think I will try those air purifiers, though. Thanks for the advice everyone!
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