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Vet visit?

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Root is 9 years old now and has not been to the vet in a couple of years. He is a very healthy cat, he is totally indoors, and is only around our cats(no fosters or others), and he is VERY afraid of the car. His heart starts beating very hard, he starts panting, he cries, etc. When he gets to the vet he is fine, but since he is getting older I try to avoid things that scare him this badly. So my question is how often should he be going to the vet? And is there anything we can do to make the ride more bearable? Thanks for the help, I know you will have some great advice for me!

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Some folks spray the inside of the cat cage with Feliway...it's an aromatherapy spray that is supposed to calm the cat.

My cats don't like going either and they kick up a fuss....but they seem to survive and are really happy to come home...I don't know how they know that difference??

I'm sure lots of folks can give you advice. Or...how about a home visit by a Vet. I've known people who do that.
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I had a cat like that. She had full out panic attacks when she got in the car and the vet to the point of diahrea and vommiting. She had had some pretty bad medical issues as a kitten so I chalked it up to bad memories. Once she got into the vet she was frozen in fear, it just about killed me to have to take her in. Because of her medical issues as a kitten she couldn't get boosters to vaccines (by vet's orders) so I managed to put off the yearly vet visit until the last year of her life (she died of cancer, she was 12).
When I had to take her in then I found that a small carrier (softsided) that I covered with a towel worked best. Less room to slide around and it conformed to my body so she could feel me next to her. It also had the ability to open from the top or side so it was easy to get her in and out. I also took her favorite shirt of mine (unwashed) and her favorite snuggly toy and put it in with her so she had some comfys. In the past my vet had given me some kitty valium, but I hated the side effects and the possiblilty that it could mask issues. These tricks helped in some ways because she was less stressed and crying in the car, but she still took a day or so to act her old self and get that pitiful look out of her eyes.
I also have other cats, so when she would come home I would put her in my bedroom and let her come out of her carrier on her own and find her quiet spot. Not having the other cats check out her vet smell seemed to calm her down as well.
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You may be able to acclimate her a bit more to car rides by taking her on short rides around the block. If not every ride results in a trip to the vet, her fear might lessen over time.
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