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I quit!

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I have to quit my job and I'm doing it tomorrow.
The stress of school and moving and working full time has gotten to me, on top of all that working in retail is simply miserable imho and I've spent many a break crying in the back room.
I'm quitting tomorrow in hopes that I'll be able to spend August packing and doing my correspondence course.

I'm soooo nervous though! I got myself so upset about it last night that i started to throw up. Tonight I'm trying to not get so upset and I have my gravol just in case.

Send me calming vibes please, and reassure me that it's not that scary to quit a minimum wage job with a high turnover. PLEASE!

Also....I'm thinking I might go to the doctor once this is over and look into some real anti anxiety meds/counseling...been taking st johns whort and while it's helped a lot, I guess not enough.
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Quit. It'll be such a relief not to have to go into a job that makes you cry. It's not scary to quit...although I've never handed my notice into a single job...I usually just swear at people and walk out or else stop going in.
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Awww, sending many calming vibes for you. It sounds like you will be in better shape after quitting.

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Lots of luck for you!

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I think you will be feeling alot better after you quit. Will tomorrow be your last day then or do you have give them notice of a day?? I've not worked retail so I'm not sure.
If it would make you feel better tell mgmt why you are quitting in case they might want to improve job conditions for future employees.
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If you're feeling bag about quitting with no notice, don't worry about it! Just say "This job is making me way too stressed out and I can't deal with it." and leave. You'll be FINE! I've done it before. It's not worth the money or anything else to keep a job that is stressing you that badly.
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Lots of calming !
You should look into a product called Rescue Remedy, you should be able to find it at health food stores. Its an all natural calming medicine. My mom swears by it, and I know a lot of people here have used it for their pets. (Its made for people and pets)
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Quit! You'll feel TONS better once you do!

I quit my job in March because it was extremely too stressful on me - I'd be in there less than an hour and have a migraine, I'd cry to and from work and in order to fall asleep at night, I felt myself slipping into depression and all I could think about while at work was how I wanted to go home and have a beer... all VERY bad signs! It was an office clerk job and really the position was completely unnecessary for that company which added to my stress (long story)... I had talked with my mom as well as my massage therapist (she could not believe how screwed up my neck and back were from the stress) and I decided my health was not worth any job or amount of money. I had already taken one day off (hehe in order to buy concert tickets) and the next day I came in at my regular time and went right to personell and quit... thing is, I had already gone to him weeks before telling him of my problems and he assured me they'd "get right on it and fix it to relieve my stress" - not a darn thing was done and I doubt my problems ever left his lips after hearing them. I had pretty much known I was going to quit, so I had actually taken home most of my stuff already lol so after I signed my quitting papers, I grabbed the last few things and bolted...

It took all I had in me not to smile/laugh as I was quitting because I felt so good that I'd never have to go back there!

Good luck! Just keep thinking how much better it will be without that crappy job!
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I totally feel for you! I've worked many a retail job and I left my LAST retail job in March 07! I will NEVER work retail again! I won't even get started on "customer service"!

If you don't need them as a reference, I wouldn't even go in! Don't feel bad if you decide to go in. Be done with it!
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that´s a shame my friend...

for you can find another Job soon!...
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Oh gosh, do go in, do tell them in person! You don't really have to give notice, but it would be courteous of you to work the rest of the day if they want you to.

And when they ask why you're leaving, don't be tempted to enumerate the wrongs that have been done to you -- just tell them you want to work in a more pleasant atmosphere, where people are treated with professional courtesy.

It doesn't matter whether you need them as a reference or not -- what matters is the kind of person you choose to be, and the manner in which you choose to conduct your life. It takes a bit of courage to walk into a place where you have apparently been treated very poorly and tell them you're resigning. You're probably afraid you might cry, and maybe you will. But it's the right thing to do, and it will leave them remembering you as a person of integrity -- not someone so irresponsible she just didn't bother to show up one day.

I hated retail, too, and I can imagine some of what you've been through. I'm glad you've decided to get out! But you have an opportunity here to show these people an example of the grace that they themselves apparently lack. Leave classy!
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I've worked retail the past two years while in school full time too.

It's harder than people realize (if anything goes wrong, of course it's YOUR fault, blahblahblah. And the managers are concerned with the bottom line and their bonus, not a darn thing else).

Have you considered just asking for fewer hours? 25-ish hours a week to me was always very do-able and much more than that just got stressful. Now I'm working 39 hours/week (can't do more than that) and I just hate it too. It isn't the sort of job you can really do full time.

Oh, and I absolutely agree with Carol Petunia. You should go in, and you should work whatever they have you scheduled for already (assuming it's only like a week in advance?) or until it seems they could have found a replacement. Two weeks' notice isn't a courtesy to the employer, it is for your coworkers who are suddenly left to do your work also when you just disappear without saying so. I'm not sure how your store is set up, but if someone from my department did that it would be unfair to the rest of us who are already doing too much for too little, and then get left to do the work of the person who couldn't be bothered to give notice.
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
But you have an opportunity here to show these people an example of the grace that they themselves apparently lack. Leave classy!
in my field, that's called 'modeling correct behavior'.
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
in my field, that's called 'modeling correct behavior'.
Absolutely leave on a high note and don't say how awful it was working there. Just say that there are other opportunities that you wish to pursue. A reference is going to be there if you part amicably.

After trying the homeopathic remedies, you might want to see a doctor about the stress.
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Well, I did was a little aquward, but I did it. she called me this morning because I left her a note and I went in and we talked about the fact that I was really stressed out and she could tell. I told her I was giving 2 weeks notice, which she greatly appreciated and we agreed that it was for the best.

So yeah, i still feel a bit guilty but I'm doing what's best for me and I think I did it in the best way possible.
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That's great! Congratulations!
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