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Can you tell me why?

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I am a first time cat owner. Have had Mysti the Bengal 6 months.

WHY IS IT that some peoples houses stink from cats and other do not?

I cannot smell Mysti. I do have a Littermaid self cleaning litter box which I am sure is some of it.

Is the awful smell in some people's houses from spraying? If so, how do you get rid of that odor, I have a friend whose large house nearly knocks you down from cat odor when you go in, and she only has 2 cats.

Could someone tell me more about this.

I am considering adopting a second Bengal retired show cat and do not want my house to EVER smell bad.

Thank you
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It could be spraying...but it could just be carelessness of some people. Like one of my friends, you could not PAY me to eat in her house and I can hardly stand to go in it! I am sure you know what I mean. Sometimes I can smell the liter box ON her. She lives at home and her mother is just lazy, I swear! Regular changes of the litter box help....I am going to guess that is a BIG thing right there!
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I have 5 cat's and you can not smell any urine smell in my house,and I have 1 unfixed male! And 4 ,4 week old kitty's!
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I sure hope my house doesn't smell.LOL I do know that sometimes we are not aware of the smell in our own homes but others who aren't in your home like you are notice it and vice versa when you go to someone else's...maybe your friend doesn't realize it ya know?
I change the litter daily and even sometimes twice but it all depends on how much they go......I use lots of air freshener too so I know my house shouldn't..
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I know exactly what you are talking about. I think the problem is that they don't know what a "scoop" is, or they have clay litter and think they can just scoop the poos and change the litter once a month. Same concept as people whose yards smell like dog poo. If you scoop the poop once a week (for outside dogs, NOT cats!) your yard won't stink. Scoop it once a year and no one will come to your house for a BBQ!

I have two cats and the only time you can smell the litterbox is when they have just gone. Cleaning the litterbox makes all the difference IMO.
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LMAO! "SCOOP THE POOP"!!!! Now THAT is funny, but sooo true!
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LOL! Probably the litter box, one of my friend's houses is like that, too.
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My litter boxes are shut up, in the laundry room, with a "kitty hatch" cut into the door. I scoop daily and dump weekly. In addition, I sprinkle carpet deodorizer, in the boxes.

Of course, Rowdy waits until someone is in there, to drop a load. HOW someone, so cute, can produce such an awful smell is beyond me!
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Hi Shirrell!

i was wondering if in those homes with funny kitty odors, their kitties have a litter usage problem? Under normal circumstances, i feel kitties should not be doing their private businesses around the house.

i wonder also if their litter boxes have been cleaned frequently? i always tell my friends how important it is for kitties toiletd to be clean and nice. (Just like i want mine to be clean and nice.)

Actually, after i scoop and flush their undesirables (i use the biodegrable corn type), i use wet wipes to clean around the litter boxes. This way, the boxes reamain clean. i use the buddha type of litter box (see their toilet area in their pix site below) which has a cover. i clean the inside of the cover as well, and wash it frequently very hot water and detergent, with the help of a brush as well, then blow dry.) Also, i spray the cover with disinfectant, then wipe dry.

i think it is important to keep their litter areas very clean (empty frequently, change litter, vacuum around that area, etc.) so that the kitties can be really comfortable using the litter box.

Just sharing personally.

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You can scoop all day, but if you don't scrub your boxes and change your litter completely at least 3 times a week, you are really spinning your wheels, even with magical scooping litter. I have 9 boxes upstairs, I have to stay on top of it.

I also recently started running an ionic litter box air purififier that is phenomenal! And affordable too! Here's the link:

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