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Anyone here have Arthritis in their neck

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Long story short, have been having problems with my neck for a few months, had an MRI and the results were arthritis in my neck. Some days it's not so bad but it gives me the most trouble at night when I am sleeping. It gets me up in the middle of the night with a stiff neck and a headache. How do you deal with it? Do you do any exercises or what?
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I have it. I use Cura Heat Arthritis Formula with Liquid Capsaicin. I ahve Meds from the Dr but do not use them because they give me Headaches. The cura Heat works sometimes.
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I'm at the beginning of it, if it follows the same pattern as my mom's is it will get worse.

So far I only have instability issues, kyphosis, and spurs on every vertebra from C4 to T1. My back is further along, and more what one would expect to find in that of a 40+ year old.. So far I just ignore my neck.

If you can get physical therapy I suggest it. Sure you can look up and do stretches on your own, but with PT you'll get someone with experience helping you and maybe even message. Ask your doctor to write that on the script even.
Other things that help is proper posture - something that should be taught to you in PT if you take it.

Also, have you had blood work done? Is it just osteo? And how does your vitamin D levels look? If it is just osteo, some are helped from taking fish or flaxseed oil - a natural anti inflammatory.
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Thanks for the suggestions everyone. No bloodwork done, just MRI & CAT scan. I'm also wondering do you get headaches from this, cause I do, never got headaches before this it's mostly when I am sleeping or laying down.
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Sure I do, so does just about anyone else with arthritis in their neck. Mine is because the muscles in my neck do not relax - after 15+ years it's a lost cause to try, I suspect. At the very least, those headaches are easier to relieve - heating pad or ice, a muscle relaxer if bad enough, or having DH rub my neck some, and taking acetaminophen + a relafen (NSAID).
Though I've had to stop taking the flexeril - a very good muscle relaxer if you can tolerate it. It works by increasing norepinephrine release that relaxes smooth muscle - including that in blood vessels... and leaves me stumbling and falling like a drunk because my blood pressure falls more then I can handle. Skelaxin is next to useless... If your doctor is nice, ask about samples.

How is your bed and what type of pillow do you use? It might be worth looking around for something that supports your neck better. I use a contour memory foam type.

It wouldn't hurt to have some blood work done, if your doctor is willing to order it.
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How do you have your computer monitor positioned? Along with some chirocraptic care (that I quit early due to finances and fear of having my neck cracked), I moved my monitor from the left of my desk to the center. It helped a LOT.
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I get the headache also.
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