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3 month old not growing very quickly

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Yesterday adopted a 3 month old kitten and she seems very small for her size. Her previous owner had been feeding her Iams kitten dry food, and said she had been eating it. She sent some of this home with me, and when I tried to feed this to Luna, she ate maybe a teaspoon last night and a teaspoon this morning. She seems bonier than most other kittens. This afternoon I fed her some Iams kitten pate and she wolfed it down. She seems to be energetic and playful.

I plan to go to PetCo to get some food later. Is there anything specifically anyone would recommend that would help her to grow?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. She is a wonderful kitten, and I want her to grow up healthy.

Here is a photo.
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She is very sweet looking...

If she preferred the wet food, then feed it to her. Obviously she enjoyed it alot better than the dry stuff.

Try feeding her a quality wet brand like Wellness, Weurva, etc...these brands tend to use real meat and nutritional ingrediants and not alot of grain, wheat, by-products and fillers.

You may find that she will eat several times a day rather than one or two big meals. Don't be surprised if she has a nap after each meal...it's hard work for a kitty to digest that good food!

Good Luck!
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She's a lttle cutie. You could also try her on KMR milk replacer. I was given this to one of the kittens that were born in my back yard. She was a tiny little thing, the mother feed them very well, but this little one was the runt of the litter. She filled out, she didn't grow very much but she wasn't skinny at all.

Good luck.
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She is Cute. She looks ok to me.
Can you weigh her?
My Meeko was only 1 pound at 3 months but she was sick.
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If I were in your position, I would get a supply of the Iams kitten pate for now. It's good basic nurishment - she likes it - it's wet...3 bonuses.

Perhaps you could then come back and look at some other options.

Kittens need to have food available for many small meals a day and the food should not be rationed, as many people do for adult cats.

One more thing...when it comes to changing a cat's food, the number one rule is to do it slowly, that is, gradually over a period of several days. Instant change/switching often equals gastric problems.
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i 2nd the idea of adding some KMR to her high quality wet food. you can also feed it in between meals to help 'fatten her up'. i fed KMR [just born brand] to Firefox for about 3 months [wanted to get her up to weight - she weighed about 9 ounces @ 4 weeks old]. kittens should weigh about 1 pound per month of age, btw.
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I have also used the "Just Born" brand of kitten milk replacement. They have it at Walmart. All the kittens I have ate the wet food for meals three to four times a day and had kitten dry food out at all times. The dry I used was the Royal Canin Babycat 0 to 4 months. The kibble is tiny making it easier to eat. Decent food.

I would feed her what she will eat. If she likes the canned food, just give it to her several times a day or when she acts hungry.

What did the vet say about her weight? No worms? Pees and poos ok?

She is adorable. I have a solid black cat that is a year old. She will grow with your care and love. Keep us posted on how she is doing.
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Thanks everyone, so much for all the advice. I
went to PetCo and got her some KMR and more of the Iams. I feed her the wet food 3 times a day, give her some KMR in between, and leave dry food out all the time. She has been eating like a horse and is looking better already. She is getting more energetic and more mischievous.
I'm taking her to the vet on Wednesday, so hopefully all will go well there.

Thanks again, everybody. I will let you know what the vet says.
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