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Rikki the tail sucker

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Out of all three of our kitties...Rikki is the only one that does this. She spends half her time walking around with her tail looking like a wet paint brush...and uses it as such to paint kitty slobber on various included.

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Oh isn't that sweet!. I wonder if it's a comfort thing?
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I think so...its either that or taste...cause she doesn't do that to the other who knows.
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Aw, what a darling! I love that one of her sucking her tail and your other kitty licking her ear.

Oh, and it's nice to see the full pic that you submitted for the contest- I was wondering what she was sucking on!
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She is beautiful! Is she still a baby? She looks quite young to me. Hopefully she will grow out of the tail sucking.
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Originally Posted by Jaffacake View Post
She is beautiful! Is she still a baby? She looks quite young to me. Hopefully she will grow out of the tail sucking.
They are just under 4 months old.
As they were feral born, I had to take them from their mom too early.
Rikki only started this tail sucking thing a month after I caught them.

She only ever does it as she settles in to sleep though.

I have told Toby that as long as it doesn't appear that she is causing any harm, to let her continue.
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My friend fostered a feral kitten who had a habit of sucking on her paw pads as she settled down to sleep. I think its a comfort thing, but as I'm not sure at what age she was separated from her mother, I can't comment if its an early separation thing...
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Cute cute CUTE!
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She is so precious, Bless her heart
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Must be a comfort thing..but so sweet too
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LMAO omg how cute!!
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that's so funny Rikki is just beautiful
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Rikki is the only other tail sucker I have seen. My Zoe sucks her tail. She will be thirteen on Sunday and she still sucks her tail. One time she had to go to the vet and he said, "what is wrong with her tail".

He thought it was pretty funny too.

Give that beautiful little girl a snuggle for me.
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Aww how precious is that! I guess it is like thumb sucking!
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I believe it is a comfort thing...gets her to sleep instead of runnin amok at nights...which is a good thing The other two have taken to climbing up on me when i'm lying in the bed on my side and sitting on my chest/belly side and preceed to kneed that area. Its cute at first and usually dont' do it for long before they settle down and sit there. Some occasions i cant take it anymore and have to "detach" them...LOL

And since they got their Spay done just the other day, they've been giving me lovins and headbutts a plenty. Also their appetite is back too with a vengence...when i got thier shots a week ago, they all but stopped eating. They ended up loosing about a pound when i took them in to get spay'd. Fortunately they were still big enough for the surgery.
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