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A managerie of cat questions

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As you recall I have Mysti the Bengal female.

I am considering getting a second grown one that is also a retired show cat.

Do male or female make best pet or does it matter?

If a male has been used as stud and then is neutered, will he stop spraying? I have been told that after about 30 days after neuter when tertesterone goes down he will likely NOT spray any more, he is 2 yrs. old.

Will they use the same litter box? We are full time R.V.er's and I only have room for one Littermaid box.

Is my female likely to accept another cat? She is 2 yrs. also, and does not seem to mind my neighbors cat when he comes to peer in the window at her.

Please read and answer ALL questions.

I appreciate you.
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I personally like the personality of male animals better in most cases, but it's not always that way. And many people don't notice ad difference between the sexes.

Most often once a cat is neutered he will no longer spray, but sometimes they still do. There are things you can do to help prevent this however.

They might and probably will use the same litter box, rule of thumb, you should have one box per cat, at least, just to be on the safe side. But if your lucky specially since it's a litter maid, you might be able to get away with just one.

As far as your female, who knows. Some cats can be fine with one and hate another, you just never really know until you test the grounds.
Introduce them slowly, don't force anything, let them get used to eachothers smell through a door if you can (keep one in a bedroom or bathroom behind a door.) for a while, let them meet face to face eventually and do their own thing while you supervise and just hope they don't start to really fight. There is a wealth of information around here about introducting cats as well if you need it.
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Hi Shirrel, I can't answer all your questions, but this will also bump your thread so people who can will see it.

Male or female: It all depends on the cat. Generally speaking, males are more affectionate to their people.

Honestly I don't know if he would stop spraying.

Even though it may be difficult, it would be wise to give him his own box at least for a while. The reason I say this is that when we brought Trent home as a kitten Ophelia had already been there for a few days and was using the litterbox. I don't know if he wouldn't use her box because her scent was there or if she wouldn't let him use her box, but we had a kitty peeing on the bed because he couldn't hold it anymore. Got another box and never had a problem again. It did take a little while before they would use the same box. We have 2 boxes but they really only use 1 most of the time, so I think under the circumstances and with a Littermaid it is likely you could get away with one once they get used to each other.

Again, if your female will accept another cat is up to her own personality. Is she very possessive of you and her things? Since she came from a breeding program, was she already in a multi-cat household? Is he from a multi-cat household? If they are already used to other cats chances are pretty good for you.
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