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Backyard Grass OK?

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I have an indoor cat who loves to mouth/nibble plants...both fake and real. I tried the cat grass from the petstore, but it didn't last long in the pot I made.

I wanted a solution I can grow in a pot. So I pulled some plain old green Fescue grass from the lawn and put it in a pot.

My lawn gets fertilized a couple of times a year with pellets, but other than that, no pesticides or anything unusual about it.

He seems to really dig the grass in the pot now. Any concerns I should have?
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I use cat grass seeds. I bought them at Petsmart. I also mixed in a kitty grass seed blend I found at Farm & Fleet.

>>>Cosmic Kitty Herbs<<<

Here is TCS's link:
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From what I have read about this, "regular" grass, the type used in most lawns, is actually very harsh on a kitty's innards: it has quite sharp edges, and can cut up their insides.

"Kitty" grass such as oats and wheat, actually have a much softer blade that isn't hard on their delicate digestive tract.

I buy my mixed grass seeds on eBay, and the kitties like that there is always some growing in a pot for them.
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