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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
Awwwww her little leg with all the tubes in it breaks my heart!!!! Poor girl, I hope the transfusion works
She looks like such a sweetheart. Tons of and for Miss Kitty.
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Well she was home since last Tuesday. I had been giving her an antibiotic 2 times a day. And an anti fever medication once every other day. Yesterday was the last dose of the antibiotic and anti fever medication. She was becoming much more like herself. She was meowing, playing, and following me around like usual. But she wasn't eating much. Yestesrday morning she did get up and go to her food bowl and ate some out of it so i was really excited that she was getting better!

Then I came home last night from work and she was a completely different cat. She was under my bed and wouldn't come out. I had to pull her out. ANd I knew right away she was sick again. She felt warm and was kind of dead weight. She wouldn't eat or drink anything for me. So I've been giving her water thru a syringe last night and today. I cannot afford to take her to the vet again. She doesn't appear to be suffereing but theres really no way of telling. She slept with me in my bed last night too. But if it doesn't get better in a day or 2 I wil probably have to put her to sleep.
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Also, consult with your veterinarian about Interferon treatments. They're given once daily by mouth to help stimulate the immune system. My doctor always prescribes it.
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i know it can be tough to see them in pain and altho i do not understand the condition but i can say this. give her some time to heal herself. i would not opt to put to sleep so soon if it were me. fever can also be a good thing meaning the body is fighting the infection..its a natural defense. get an electric 30 second one and monitor every 12 hours...it should fluctuate a bit but over 105 needs a vet. be strong and take one step at a time. dont rush into anythng unless absolutely necessary. my vet opted for it but i would not let go and now he is doing better..different circumstance but as one person said..where there is life there is hope.
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