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Vibes for Kahlua and Google!

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Kahlua and Google both go in tomorrow at 8 am to get fixed!

Now I havent had to go through these surgeries in a long long time!
What should I expect about it, and how should I care for them afterwords? Thanks for your help so much!
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GOOD LUCK! I am sure they are going to be fine , just make sure wounds stay clean and u help when needed , some one more experianced will come along to help because i am new lol
Jess x
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I'm moving your thread to the Health and Nutrition forum so you can get some advice.

When I had Lucy fixed, there wasn't much I needed to do. The first day she was kind of out of it. After that, I kept an eye on the incision to make sure that she wasn't bothering it and that it was healing properly.

Sending lots of that all goes well tomorrow.
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thanks for moving it!

I am really worried about her leaving it alone... I'm thinking about getting her an ecollar because I know she wont leave it alone because shes an obsessive compulsive bather...
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Good luck!
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if you're picking them up the same day, they'll be very groggy. they should give you some info on aftercare, tho.
sending & that everything comes out as it should!
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well we just got home from dropping them off. They were not happy kitties!
But Keiko and Joey are quite happy to have the house to themselves!
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They are going to be fine. I've done it so many times, its hard I know, but in a day or so they will be none the worse for it.

Prayers and
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that everything goes smooth to you!
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