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How do I convince Mocha (my new stray) that playswatting and kneading people with claws extended is a no-no? I'm going to clip them and give her more scratchers, but still, she has sharp little needles!
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Lola, the kneading is a comfort action for her, and really a high compliment to be paid to a human. Even with sharp claws. Karma, my one cat that was abandoned and just wandered over here, is a horrible kneader. We have a heavy towel we use when we see her coming to protect us. Play swatting is Mocha's way of saying you are annoying her, to stop this, you have to be quick and stay out of the way, but blow one gentle puff of air in her face and tell her sharply one time "QUIT!" and she will back off.
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Yeah, I feel glad that she likes us that much, it's good to feel "kneaded", LOL. I was just hoping something could be done! I wonder if softpaws would take the ouchie out of it...
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My 14 year old kitty, Fred, has always kneaded with claws out. Apparently he has some kind of birth defect that prevents his claws from fully retracting. Clipping helps a lot. A good scratching post can also be helpful.
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