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Help!! Kitties not getting along..

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I got a female adult cat (Miso) about a month ago and she lived in my apartment alone with me. About two weeks ago, I had to move back home with my male adult cat (Lestat) and dog.

So far.. Miso has been fine around the dog and ocasionally her and Lestat will sit next to each other or lay next to each other when taking naps. Several times a day though.. Lestat will attack her and bite her. They wake me up during the night doing this and I feel like I have to constantly keep an eye on them so he'll leave her alone. She has gotten to the point where she won't hide from him anymore and she finally just started jumping in my lap and letting me pet her. (Before she used to hide and hiss everytime I got near her. )Things would be perfect if Lestat would just leave her alone... but he is just so territorial I guess. Will he ever stop this? Is there a way to make him stop?

Should I wait it out or just let my mom take one of the kitties so they can be away from each other? My mom has three other female kitties that Lestat gets along with or Miso would be fine with I'm sure....

What should I do??
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Are they just wrestling around? Sometimes it can look like they are attacking each other but they are just playing rough.

My cats are young and do that. Usually the older one will finally hiss and that stops the younger one from grabbing her.

I always figure that if they were really fighting why wouldn't one cat just get away from the other instead of just hanging around each other.
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It sounds like the first few days they were just getting used to each other, but if they are laying around together, things should be fine. They are probably just playing (which can seem pretty extreme at times) but you can tell if they REALLY get into a fight...there is a big difference! If it seems like it's getting out of control, clap your hands loud and yell STOP! If they stop, they were just playing. If not, you may have problems.

Also, are they both spayed/neutered? If not, one or the other has to be and soon! Preferably both, for their own health and your sanity.

If so, I would just let them go. It sounds like they are getting along fine now. And cats do play the most at night. My cats wake me up all the time playing together.
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