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I just received an email from my internet service ( Earthlink ) saying that they had lost my billing information. It had a link to click and refill out the information. Well, when I clicked it, a page came up that looked just like Earthlinks page, same colors, etc. But as I started filling it out I realized that something wasn't right. I'm not sure why, but I picked up the phone and called them just to be sure. And voila!!!! Its a scam. They told me someone is stealing credit card numbers and checking account info by doing this phoney email. I nearly had a heart attack! Imagine if I had given all of that info out!

So, everyone be aware that a scam is going out via emails, and its very believable! Please don't fall for it like I almost did.
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OMG!!!!!! Thank you so much Daniela for this warning!!!!!! I am so glad you didn't fill out the rest of it!!! I hope everyone reads this, maybe we should keep bumping it up. Thank you!!!!!!
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The same thing is happening, with PayPal, too.
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I think I would be wary of any company that claimed to lose billing information. I mean...COME ON! A company isn't going to lose your billing information! They want their money too badly! lol

I am glad you caught on to that before you sent in your information!
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Originally posted by carrie640
A company isn't going to lose your billing information! They want their money too badly!
NO KIDDING! This is going on with A LOT of different internet companies. DO NOT fill out e-mail surveys. If the email directs you to a website, look at the address... if it's from paypal, chances are the address should include paypal.com or visa.com if it purports to be from Visa... etc, etc. If you're still suspicious, go to the homepage of the official company website and call or email them before giving out information.
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Thank you,I have a pay pal account,I haven't used it in momths maybe I won't!!
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You can still use Paypal and the other companies, just be very, very suspicous of email that claims to be from them... another thing I just remembered is that if you get email for paypal, it should have an address of @paypal.com or visa sends emails from @visa.com. If the email came from an address that doesn't have the name of the company, it's probably not them.
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It's amazing what people do to steal other people's money. You spend the same amount of time you spend trying to scam people working a legit job and actually MAKE money the LEGAL way.

Some people need to get a swift kick in the rear end!
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Just so you guys know, this email DID have earthlink.net right on it. In fact, the link was just like their website only it had 8 numbers mixed in too. So even if it says the company name, it is still not safe. CALL FIRST.
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The biggest hint is to look at their webaddress to the so called billing form.

If it's official it will be something like www.earthlink.com/billing

Or somethign similar.
Just like all those spoofed MTV websites. They start with things like, instead of www.mtv.com, they are fake.

I've almost been tricked a couple times myself, with similar things.
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Wow, thanks for letting us know!

People were doing that with AIM a while back, too. Sending out some official message, saying they're going to cancel your account if you don't give them your name and password. Then, they would go on and mess with your account and change your password, so YOU couldn't get on! I hate it when people pull mean stuff like that. Ugh.
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