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What can I do with Sasha when we move? She goes crazy in the Carrier

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I tried putting her in one to get her used to it and she went berzerk again. Our new place is only 6 miles from her but she is crazy. Should I put her alone or with another Cat?
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Definitely alone, but maybe with some catnip. Six miles is great - nothing terrible can happen in that time, but when you go to put her in the carrier, do it backwards so she doesn't quite see it coming. Just be sure to keep her in a closed room for a day when you get there, so she doesn't get out of an unexpectedly open window, or into some kind of vent, etc. that you haven't explored yet.
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Give her rescue remedy in her water starting now, and on the day squirt some directly into her mouth and spray the carrier with Feliway spray.
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Thanks for the ideas. I can not figure out why she acts that way. We got her from the Bay area which was a 2 hour drive to here and she was fine in that same Carrier. I wonder if its because we put Stormy in it to go to the vet because she was very sick. She knows Stormy never came back because I lost her to Kidney Failure. Thats when Sasha started acting this way.
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Unless you want injured cats do NOT put her in with another cat. Since its a short trip, you might consider putting a harness on her and leash and having someone hold on to her. I normally do not recommend this and tell people they should be in carriers.

Maybe the carrier is too small? Could you try a bigger one or a softsided one? She really would be better in a carrier then out.
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Sasha has to be in a carrier no matter what. She is very scared of outside. The Carrier I use is big so that is the problem. Sasha is a small Cat. i do have a sofe Carrier I can try before we move.
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I know it's a very short trip, but she sounds to be extremely stressed in her carrier, so you could talk to your vet about a mild sedative... I had gotten one for Oliver when we drove 8 hours to the shore (it was a 2 week family vaca and he would have been VERY stressed without someone familiar around him - and he LOVED it once we were there)... he's quite good in the car, but at about 4ish hours he'll get quite stressed and start panting and get really warm (it was 3.5-4 hours between home and school)... my vet gave me a sedative which lasts about 6 hours at a time (I gave him the diagnosed half a pill and then when it started to wear off, we made a pit stop and I gave him a quarter more)

Anyway, just a thought - I know drugging isn't the best option, but sometimes it's better than the stress caused by a trigger... oh and my vet always tries to go homeopathic/all natural/med free first before the conventional medications and she did suggest the sedative when I told her our trip plans and how Ollie can stress (and I COMPLETELY trust her).
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I will talk to the Vet. She will call tomorrow with the results of Cocos urine test. I sure hope her infection is gone. I am going to buy another carrier today.
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Get her a carrier of the proper size that she feels secure in, and that will protect her better if there's ever a travelling problem (even a rear-ender can be traumatic if she's thrown hard against the sides of the box rather than being able to snuggle against them).
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I prefer the softsided carriers to the hard bigger carriers for a couple of reason. first off, they are cozier for a cat and have the feel of a secure environment. they also usually have a side and a top zipper so it is easier to get them in. You might also try putting in a blanket that she sleeps on so she has her scent already in there and it doesn't smell like the other cat, or a shirt (unwashed) that you wear. I leave my carrier on my bed a couple of days before so my cat can inspect and rub her scent on it. Make sure the room you are putting her in has some familiar furniture or toys so she immediately has the smell like home. I also suggest that you unzip the carrier and let her come out on her own, she may not like the carrier but it will be a familiar hideout in a new place. When I move, my cats are the last thing to go so they move from one room to the new without any stops in between.
I also caution you about medication, while it has some benefits it can also make a cat stress more. My cat was on Kitty prozac when I moved cross country but became very dehydrated and stopped eating. the medicine reacted badly for her and after two days on it, I took her off and she seemed to get her travel legs back as well as her appetite. I realize that your trip is much shorter, but talk to your vet about side affects and see if its worth it to move such a short distance. you might be better off just putting up with the cat for the short ride.
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