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Artemis and Athena

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My spouse recently bought a digital camera, so now I've got lots of pictures of my cats!

Here is Artemis up close, sitting on the back of the chair by the window.

Artemis up close again, this time on the floor.

Artemis sitting on my lap. And I'm taking the picture. There was a bit of contortionist activity involved in creating this image, but not on the part of Artemis. She just thought I was being strange, and eventually bolted.

Here they are, right next to each other on the floor. Why do they always move a little bit away from each other and stop licking each other when I pick up the camera? Artemis on the left and Athena is on the right.

Athena is the less canny cat, so I was able to get a shot of her sleeping and all curled up. Artemis is behind her.

And this is the picture I'm proudest of. I'm re-learning how to use a camera, and here you can actually see details in Athena's eyes! (Slightly better in the larger version, but you can still see some details here.)
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WOW, they are both just gorgeous
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I love black cats and they are both just beautiful!!
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You have some very stunning cats!
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Beautiful babies, Enuja ... thanks for sharing them with us!
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Oh they are so beautiful! Very alike, are they litter mates?
I love their big yellow/green eyes
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Yes, they are litter mates. They are a little over 4 years old. We were living in an urban neighborhood with lots of stray cats, and we didn't have any cats. We found one really friendly, really skinny stray. I was petting her, thinking that I'd found a cat to adopt. She was so happy with being pet that she filpped upside down ... and I saw her engorged teats. Her kittens were probably about 4-5 weeks. The mother lives with my mother now, and the two surviving/caught kittens live with me.

They are sometimes hard to tell apart, but they are more different than they look in these pictures. Athena is about 8 lbs and has a kinda thick, rough, brownish coat while Artemis is about 11 lbs and has a super-super-short (shortest I've ever seen in a DSH) smooth, much blacker coat.

So I can tell them apart by feel, but if I'm just looking at them with my glasses off, I can't always tell who is who. Their behavior is very different, though, so that's usually a clue, too.
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Wonderful pictures...
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Lovely pictures, their coats are beautiful and shiny.
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What gorgeous babies How wonderful that thier Mother was rescued and with your Mother. Happy ending for all
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They are GORGEOUS girls, and I absolutely LOVE their names (I study Ancient Greece ) Thanks for letting us see them!
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They are gorgeous little models! And yes I can see all the details in her eyes.. Very nice pictures
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What cuties!
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