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Softclaw problem

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One of my cat's softclaws fell off and I was trying to glue a new one on. She moved and I ended up gluing her claw so that now it doesn't retract. I tried to get the glue off with nail polish remover, but that didn't work. I washed her paw off with water and now she's in the corner trying to lick everything off. Is it ok if she licks the nail polish remover residue? Will she be able to lick the glue off enough to retract her claw again?
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id be more worried about the polish remover than the soft paw. she will gnaw off the soft paw (ive done the same thing. chloe had it gnawed off in a few hours --along with the rest LOL) however the polish remover will and can make your kitty very, very ill

just watch your kitty for any signs of illness since its already been licking on that paw. hopefully since you rinsed it, your kitty will be fine and only annoyed by the tip :P
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try cutting off the tip of the softclaw, if possible. that might make it easier to remove...
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From what I understand she is saying that she's glued the cats nail.... inside of the part that the nails go in/out of... and that the softpaw isn't even on there....

Anyways, please do NOT let her lick it anymore. Get a wet cloth and try to rup as much of it off as possible.
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ooh then i misunderstood what she said. however, it doesnt take nail glue long to wear off, esp with as active as a cat is
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Just wondering if the problem resolved itself?
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