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A word of warning!

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My wife got a call Thursday from her aunt that her cousin was in the hospital. Apparently she has diabetes, has not been treating it, and was found unconscious in her apartment by her best friend, who called 911.

At the hospital, they discovered she has one of those terrible "flesh-eating" infections, running from her navel around to her spine. She's in the ICU, not conscious, and only has a 50% chance of survival.

Folks, let's not be the hero and try to tough it out!
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Oh my goodness that's terrible

Lots of healthy coming over, and please keep us updated?
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We were going to go down and visit her (in Waco) today, but she doesn't know what's going on, and visiting hours are very restrictive. We're hoping she's well enough to visit soon...but that's not the way things are looking.
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Oh my goodness!

Lots and lots of
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My gosh, how terrifying

Many vibes that her chance of recovery grows
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That's horrifying! Sending lots of for her recovery, and for all who are keeping watch with her.
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prayers for her.
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That is terrible...
thank you for the reminder.

Adding my vibes that she will recover rapidly..
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Oh my gosh, Mike, I'm so sorry! Bless her heart... I know the mindset that can put you into that kind of situation. I almost died myself because I wasn't willing to ask for financial help when I had pneumonia years ago. You reach a point where you're no longer thinking rationally, and you make bad decisions. Oh, I hope she pulls through! I'll keep her in my thoughts.
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Lots of for her. That's really scary.
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Oh dear - will keep her in our prayers - I've seen pictures of that, but is almost seems unreal. I hope they can stop it.
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That's horrible! I sure hope she'll be all right!

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Oh I am so, so sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really hope she pulls through this!

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Necrotizing fasciitis?

I hope she's ok.
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that she pulls through.
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Oh geez! That's really serious! I hope she makes it. I'll definitely keep her in my thoughts!

That bacteria gets its name for a good reason!! As a student I looked after a fellow that had it. He did live, but he had to have a good chunk of his lower abdoment, all of his genitals and a sizable chunk of his upper thighs removed. His was caused by a break in sterile procedure in the O.R.

Since then I've looked after other patients with varying degrees of the disease. It's an awful thing. They cut away tissue and hope they got it all and if they see it resuming they cut away more.

Do they have access to a hyperbaric chamber (like those used to treat divers with "the bends"). where she is? The chamber forces oxygen into compromised cells and tissues, allowing normal function of White Blood Cells and reducing tissue death from oxygen deprivation. While the chamber helps, the most important treatment for necrotizing fasciitis is the removal of the dead tissue.
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How awful! Sending hugs for you and vibes and prayers for your aunt.
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lots and lots of vibes for you aunt How terrible
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adding my & to the rest...
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I hope she recovers! Thats nothing to fool around with and most people just think its an infection up until its really bad! Good sent her way!!
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She had good insurance (in fact, she works for BCBS), but she just didn't take care of herself. Part of it, my wife thinks, is her husband dying late last year. She just seems to have all the bad luck. Her first husband deserted her; she has one son in Iraq (now on an emergency flight home) and the other in Hawaii, preparing to go to Iraq.
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Good Lord, it never rains for her, does it! YIKES!
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OMG, that poor woman. My sister had that, and the did cadaver skin grafts on her, it had only gotten to her skin when my daughter noticed something was wrong. It was still a horrible ordeal for her.
Sending out prayers and many get well vibes to her.
I will be making a doctor's appointment on Monday. I don't have insurance, but being diabetic myself, I have kind of let it take care of itself lately.
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OMG, how scary and sad, Prayers coming her way
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Poor woman. I can see why she might have neglected taking her meds and such. I hope she can pull through this and maybe her sons can give her the strength to keep going.

Vibes and prayers
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Well, my warning was serious. If you're diabetic, I know you're prone to circulation issues, and I suspect that is what precipitated this event.

She was only married to the husband that died about 9 months. And she's about 55 years old, give or take. Around my wife's age.
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
Well, my warning was serious. If you're diabetic, I know you're prone to circulation issues, and I suspect that is what precipitated this event.
It certainly doesn't help, but circulation really doesn't have much to do with this type of infection. It's one that the body just can't fight on its own, even when there is excellent circulation.

The bacteria have to gain entry to a wound, so it's important to keep your skin intact so that it can't get into your body. It's also important to keep your skin clean. And the most important thing of all is to wash your hands...frequently. They may "look" clean, but on a microscopic level they are filthy. Everything you touch, including money, deposits gross amounts of bacteria on you: phones, keyboards, door knobs, money, shopping carts...everything.
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Well, we heard just a little while ago three good items:

1. She is conscious again.

2. It's a strep infection, rather than the worst-case staph.

3. Healing is starting, so they think they will have to debride just one last time.
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That is really hopeful...
thanks for the update.

More healing vibes on the way.
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my gosh - are the two things related. that's horrible I'm sending vibes
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