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Do you ever just get sidetracked?

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I know I do! In today's daily thread I mentioned that I was going to be cleaning house and tagging/packing stuff for a yard sale. Well......somewhere along the way, I wound up dismantling an old couch thats been taking up space in my living room for two years (since its now in pieces on the front porch, maybe hub and I can finally get it to the dump, no worries, we live in a remote area where nobody but us can see it). I then proceeded to scrub the floor where it was and rearrange the living much for cleaning and getting ready for a yard sale, lol!!!
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I get side tracked a least once a day.
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All the time! It's really bad! I constantly forget to return phone calls, do stuff around the house, respond to emails I have to leave notes for myself all over the house!!
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I get side-tracked ALL the time! But in my case, it's old age!

Today my head is spinning b/c I've been trying to play "catch up" at TCS. I'm jumping from one place to another and getting all confused! I really think it's time for a break...

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Ummm pretty much anything I ever do either is because of side tracking or cut short because of it :P
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My whole life is pretty much side tracked. I have the attention span of a 2 year old, and will go to one room to put something away, and end up doing something else in the room I went to. I will go into the bathroom to put towels away, and end up showering instead of putting my laundry away. It is amazing I ever get anything done. My DH says I have a madness to my methods.
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I never get sidetracked. I am always focused. I have a schedule that I follow, like Mon. is Aquafit class, Tues. is wash and Sue's class, Wed. is...
Wait, is tomorrow Monday or Tuesday because I have to sort laundry before I do it.
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I'm always getting sidetracked
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I am sidetracked right now.
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Originally Posted by binkyhoo View Post
I am sidetracked right now.
I am too...again!!!
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It is Dh's biggest pet peeve . I am always sidetracked.
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