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Rocky is a cerebral kitty

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I've been leaving the radio or TV on during the day so the boys can hear human voices and not feel so lonely. I'm the last person on the planet not to have cable (I don't watch enough TV to justify it), so I usually tune in PBS, thinking they'll like the cartoons and nature programs. Well . . .

Matt and I came back home about 11:00 last Saturday night and found Rocky watching P.O.V. A couple nights later, I came home and found him watching the BBC World News.

Do your cats watch TV, and if so, what do they like to watch?
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Eastendars is what Benson loves, and Emergancy in the program Jinxy loves lol
Jess x
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Indy loves car shows, Top Gear is best
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Indy has good taste.

I don't own a tv so my cat can't watch it. Maybe I should leave him the radio on?
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Scooter likes the NASCAR races. He will sit and watch a whole race. Fluffy watches anything as long as she can sit on my massage table when it is close to the tv.
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Arwen will watch tv with me quite often...
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Cassie was enthralled by March of the Penguins!
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Ana likes to watch the big cats

The other 2 don't really watch tv, they'll glance at it now and then but not sit and watch like Miss Ana does.
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Forest (my cat with CH) likes the show Wipeout. Maybe the appeal for him is in watching a bunch of humans stumble around and fall like he does.
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Mitzi enjoys watching sheepdog trials on TV. I think it might be the high - pitched whistling. But whatever - it's hilarious!
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