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Mary-A Queen of her own sovereign nation. Simply because.
Seldon-An intellectual Pulitzer prize winning novelist.He has some very important things to say while sipping an espresso. He would smoke pipes and be famous for his wit.
Cleo-A leading man in Hollywood. He can be very suave and handsome.
Saffron- A Princess and first in line to the throne of Mary's sovereign nation. She is in training but shaping up nicely to rule the Queendom.
Sachi-A prima ballerina because she is so elegant and graceful.
Lucia-A covert operative in the CIA. She found a way to infiltrate my home fairly easily.

My RB Olivier would have been an ambassador of good will.
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Haha this is a funny thread

Capone would probably be something secluded. I see him maybe being a romance/mystery novelist living in the woods. He is such a sweet, creative yet quiet boy, always wanting to be by himself, but so sweet when he comes out.

Bugsy would probably be a diva super model strutting his stuff everywhere lavishing all the attention all while posing and demanding his every whim be taken care of.
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Well, Oliver would be a great concierge. He is so good about making guests feel welcome.

Tripod is very warmhearted. I think he would either be a nanny or a nurse.
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Zane would be very good in any supervisory capacity. He's very good at observing what you do, making unhelpful comments, and getting in the way.
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Brandy: Bouncer (He sits at the back door quite a lot, so it's ideal )

Shark: Food Tester

Arwen: My Personal Assistant
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Frankie would be a giggilo(womanizer)

Dion would be an exterminator

Zoey would be an aerobics coach

Bast would specialize in day care

Ollie would be a thug

Stanley would be a unemployed mommas boy
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Quill would be someone like Charlie Chaplin.
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Simba would be a professional taste tester, since he is a fussy eater but loves to eat.

Murray would be a greeter at Wal-Mart, since he always meets me at the door, meowing away.
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Stumpy would be a speed bump. This is self explanatory.

Scarlett would either be a drama queen or a locator of messes.

Koko would be a pedicurist (she loves to clean toes).

Muddy would be a pillow.

Spanky would be an ambassador. He always makes peace in the house.

Bob Marley would be a doorman. He loves to come in and out of them.

Eightball would be a comedian, particularly schtick. We call him the goof ball.

Pinky would make a great garden weasel - he has huge paws and likes to claw.
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Isabella would be a princess
Velvet a little nurse- she's always so snuggly when she knows i feel bad or i'm having a bad day.
Kojak would be a used car salesman
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Well Eric would be an Olympic runner. He's soo energetic.

Marie would be a singer. She loves to make noise and meows constantly.

Meezers would be a mountaineer. He loves to climb as high as he can.
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Tubee: He would be a male model, he thinks he is amazing and we should all think the same way!!

Samba: He would do the sound effects in movies, He like to immitate birds, dogs, and many other noises!!

Root: He would be a good teacher, He taught Tubee a lot and is very loving!

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This has been some very interesting reading Love this thread!
My Shadow is still very young, but if I had to decide his occupation at this time I would say he would be a hair stylist! He absolutely loves to play in my hair, however it normally doesnt look that good when he is done!
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My Oliver would be a sort of jack of all trades

cop: he patrols at night, mostly during the warm months, going from front screen door to back screen door and when we had a feral problem, he'd alert us to ferals outside

bounty hunter: he stalks, tortures, kills and often eats any type of bug

personal assistant/paperweight: it seems any time I actually want to be productive, he INSISTS on sitting in the middle of what I'm doing

doorstop/support beam: he's often found leaning against otherwise solid, inanimate objects - including, but not limited to: door jams, doors, walls, tables, chests, couches

critter sitter: whenever tank pets are removed from their main tank and put in holding tanks for cleaning, Ollie turns into a nanny

professional boxer/professional Springer guest: he turns into Meanie Beanie and slaps the dog across the face or butt (no claws of course, so maybe he wouldn't make it on Springer)

Homeless man (not really a job): he's always begging (for treats)

Mob boss: constantly trying to "whack" me as I walk down steps

Geeze, this has made me realize my cat has more trade-specific job skills than I!
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Zoey - a supermodel or a school teacher depending on the day

Slyvie - hitman

Punky - circus clown

PJ - Punkys side kick
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Tailer would be a social worker. He's always got to help everybody out with everything, and he's a very good listener.

Forest is so bossy, he'd be a Marine drill sergeant.
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Job, are you even serious? She is here for others to serve and cater to her, not the other way around. She would never work, after all, it is HER world, you guys just happen to be living in it.
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Originally Posted by cococat View Post
Job, are you even serious? She is here for others to serve and cater to her, not the other way around. She would never work, after all, it is HER world, you guys just happen to be living in it.
That's Lucky alright
Gus would be a paper shredder
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