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Pru Update

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Our sweet little Pru is doing fine. It's been 2 1/2 years now since we trapped her and brought her in.
Last night as I was getting ready to go upstairs, I saw her in the kitchen window looking out the screen. She let me come up to her and pet her. I sat down in a chair next to the window and petted her. She stood up and walked over onto to my lap for more pets. This is a big deal, she would only come up and jump up on our bed to be petted. We had to be horizontal for her to come. So walking up to her without her running is a big deal.

She still likes to be under the sofa in the day when the dog is out and about. She does NOT trust him and she makes him crazy because he rarely sees her and when he does..... oh boy.

Our dog is a rescue and we brought him in after Pru. I feel bad because I know it slowed her progress down with us for a while. She's slowly becoming brave once again and can outrun the dog with ease and has found that out. The dog is fine with the other two cats, but Pru runs and that leads to a chase every time. We restrict Fergus at night in our bedroom, so Pru has free run of the house at night. I'm seeing her out and about more in the day again when she knows the dog is upstairs napping. When I take Fergus out for a walk, as I'm coming down the street, there's Pru in the dining room window watching us and when we come in, she's no where in sight again.

She is the most loving little girl, I really have a soft spot where she is concerned. She trusts me and I make sure I don't disappoint her. Just her walking onto my lap last night really made me feel so happy.
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The steps themselves may be tiny, but the thing is you know that they have considered long and hard before they make them, so it's no accident -- very special. Congratulations on this lovely progress.
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That sounds so sweet that she waits for you in the window. Progress is a great thing and it seems like you have made a lot of them.
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