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Today is Spike's 3rd Birthday

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Since it's Spike's birthday, I've been following him around with the camera a bit and thought I'd share a couple with you.

When I first woke him up this morning. (Sorry, it's a little dark - the lights were off.)

I bought him a Cat Spa for his birthday, but he's much more interested in the box it was shipped in...

Eating his birthday lunch. (He only gets wet food on special occasions, so he was VERY excited.)

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Woo Hoo!! Happy birthday Spike! (I love your homepage too.)
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Happy birthday Spike ! Hope he has had a great day!
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Happy Birthday Spike!!!!!
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Happy Birthday Spike!
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Happy Birthday Spike! Spike is cute!
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Happy Birthday Spike! Make sure Mommy Jenn and Auntie Jamie spoil you rotten, you deserve it little guy!
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Spike is SOOOOO adorable!!!! Happy birthday Spike!!!!

Merlin will be three also in Sept. although I don't know the exact date since I found him abandoned in the shed
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Happt Birthday Spike!!!
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Happy Birthday Spike! I visited Spike's website God I want another kitty sooo bad! Spike is just adorable! So many pictures in there made me giggle and wish I could reach through my monitor and hold him!!

You and Spike are blessed to have eachother!
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Cute pictures!! I hope Spike's birthday was a happy one!
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happy birthday spike!

he and my leo look so much alike it's scary when I look your website!
my leo is 6 months now, so it's like I get to see what he will look like in three 3yrs!

one difference though is leo has a goti under his chin, and a white tip tail I have a pic of it at home and will post it later!

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oopps i didn't post it right see if this works...
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Spike'ums!!! Happy Birthday to my absolute favorite nephew

Sending lots of pets and purrs .
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Spike wants me to thank everyone for their birthday wishes! He had a nice birthday... yummy treats and a lot of playtime and scritches

Laura, Cassie & Anita - It was sweet of all of you to check out his website...I'm a very proud mommy. And I know how lucky I am to have him. And Anita, everytime I see your signature with Leo there, I'm amazed how similiar he and Spike look. Besides the extra white on Leo's back and tip of tail, and that goatee he has, I'd be scared to mix the two up together!
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LOL!from what I read on your website... Spike and Leo also have some of the same chracter!

from your site:

"Spike's favorite hobbies are mostly chewing on anything that he can get into his mouth, and napping. He also likes to lie on the windowsill and watch the birds outside. Currently, his two favorite toys are his little, furry shaker mice..."

Leo is the same, a chewer (never leave the food(bag) cupboard open), his favorite toy is the shaker mouse(s), we have several, and every time he wants to play while I am sleeping, he comes running in my room, meowing with the shaker mouse in his mouse, he brings it all over the house it is so cute!he watches out the window all the time here is a pic of it (recent heis 6 months now)

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Oh dear... should I offer you my condolences now? Actually, Spike is a very good boy... I must say this so I don't become jinxed when I tease about my cat.

Hmm... I wonder if they're related somehow... Spike is definitely a chewer... when he was a baby, I had to wrap all wires with wireloom so he didn't bite through them. Thank goodness he grew out of that... now it's mostly just his toys... or plastic hangers... or the occasional potato chip bag.

I went looking through my pictures for a side angle of Spike, but I'm having problems locating one. (The one drawback to have 1200 pictures of him. ) I must find one so we can compare.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPIKE! Sorry I missed it, but hope you're enjoying your treats and extra scritches!

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He got a Cat Spa for his birthday... not exactly a "toy", but I thought he'd love it! I was wrong... again... but he does like the box it was shipped in. (I will probably be shopping this weekend for something to replace the Cat Spa... spoiled little kitty. )
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LOL! I think we'll forgot about all toys for the cats except new feathers for the ends of their wand toys, a couple of small catnip mice - and BOXES. They LOVE the boxes!!!!

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LOL! Jenn they really could be related, Leo also has the same multicolored toe-pads (same colors too) as Spike..I don't have a pic of it, but will take one when I get home! and we must really compare!

Leo is my precious boy, my other two cats are female(who we love just as much)...he is the only cat who went after wires too! We live in a condo, top floor, and from the windows you have a clear view of the back of 6 other condos, so my husband is convinced Leo is a peeping tom, because we catch him looking out the window at night too, when you can't see birds or snow!
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Jenn - go ahead and trade the spa for something else. Just make sure you bring it home in a box!

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Leo also love to chew on plastic straw, if Spike hasn't tried this, that could be a new toy! cheap but hours of fun, we hide them under covers and he pounces and slides under to get them!
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All of our kitties love straws too.
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Oh, Spike loves his straws... I got smart too... I tied a string to the middle of a knotted straw so I could pull it around and he pounces on it. (After the zillionth time he had me go retrieve his loose straw for him. )
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that's a good idea with the string Jenn, it will also save me from the rare sracthes I accidentaly get from playing with straws that are too short! I will try it tonight!
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Hmmm . . . that's a good idea! I'll remember that!
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TEEHEE!!! This thread is so funny!!! (and SO cute!!! )
MY Spike is 6 months old, like Leo, and has the same markings as YOUR Spike and Leo, but instead of black and white--it's butterscotch color and white. He is VERY much a chewer. He got into the bag of dry catfood and the 25 pound bag was chewed open, and a LOT of dry catfood was strewn EVERYWHERE on the floor!!! --And of COURSE, he looked at me like he was saying: "SO?!--Do you have a problem with this???!!!" He scared DH today. He apparently climbed up on top of the refrigerator. As DH went by, he literally SAILED through the air right past him!!! AAAAAKKKKK (and I DON'T think it is because he is an angel!! haha)
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Oh gosh... I remember the 6 month old phase. Do they ever stop moving? Have you posted a picture of Missy and Spike yet? (I look at all the posts, but it's 7am here, and I haven't slept yet, and I don't remember! ) I'd love to see them though.
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