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Update on my mom

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For those of you don't know my mom had knee surgery back in June to have a total knee replacement. She started out in no pain but she was over medicated and was sleeping about 20 hours a day. She would drift in and out of lucidity and would sometimes hallucinate because of all the pain medication. After about 2 weeks they figured out what was wrong and she stopped all pain meds and her rehab started to get better as well. She started to do rehab after being out of the hospital for about 2 days so about 4 days after surgery she started. Because of the over dose of pain meds she didn't make enough progress and was told about 2 weeks ago that she might have to go back into the hospital and have some of the scar tissue that they thought was building up manipulated off of the new joint.

Now for the update. I talked to her on Wednesday(the day before her doctors appointment to see what progress has been made and what needs to be done). She was in very high spirits and told me she can now bend the knee to about 83 degrees but it takes everything she has to get it to that point. The doctor wants her to be able to bend to 90 degrees effortlessly. She was really looking forward to getting to the doctors to see what they could do for her because she is tired of not being able to bend it fully.

I talked to her again yesterday and got the prognosis. The doctor wasn't worried about her ability to bend the knee but was a little concerned about her ability to straighten it. He then told her to discontinue the in home therapy and start doing outpatient therapy 5x a week and then come back to see him in 2 weeks. If not enough significant progress has been made he will have to take her to the hospital and manipulate the knee to break up the scar tissue. She was still in high spirits but very afraid to drive to the hospital for the outpatient therapy. She said that she refuses to go alone when means that either my brother or my dad will have to be taking some time off of work to take her.

She is making good progress and again is in high spirits and she knows this will get cleared up. She is just worried about driving because it was her driving knee that got replaced.

I will be going down there the week of August 10-17 to help out around the house. My dad wants me cleaning the basement and painting the fence and probably doing some yard work as well as taking care of my mom but she is pretty independent now. She doesn't need her walker and isn't wearing depends anymore so there isn't much that she needs other than someone to drive her to therapy and then again by the time I get down there it may not be needed.
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Great New my friend!..
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
More strong vibes for your "meowmy" to she still improving in health!...
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Well thats an improvement from where she has been. I'm sure the outpatient therapy will be more intense than what she is currently doing. Also good that you will be going home to help out a bit too I'm sure your family will appreciate this!!
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I'm so glad you're going to visit and help them. And all good luck to your mom with her therapy!
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That's good news. I hope that therepy goes well and she gets full use of her knee shortly.
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