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Saturday! What are Your Plans?

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Morning All!!!

It's going to be another big 3H day here, hot, hazy and humid...

Heading off to work shortly but hopefully will be done about 4.

Nothing to special planned, may do some shopping after work but really depends on whether I am energetic enough or not.. I don't really sleep to well when the weather is to hot and it's starting to catch up with me.

The kitties are good this morning, Linus is birdwatching, Pixie is trying to stuff herself into a basket that is way to small and Sassy is snoozing in the bathtub...

Everyone have a great day
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Have to agree with your three H's......the same goes for Alabama too! We've got the A/c waaay down at night, otherwise in a mobile home without trees around it, afternoons can be mighty uncomfortable! I'm going to have a bunch of upset kits today, as I am either getting a very late start to my spring cleaning, or an early start on next spring, lol! I started Tuesday when I was off, so am continuing through the house today. Am sorting as I clean these days though, because I intend to have a yard sale when it gets a bit cooler, so I have some of those little priced stickers that I'm going to stick on the things I want to get rid of, pack them up in boxes labled for yard sale, (and hopefully don't decide just to ship it all to the thrift store, lol!).

Hope everyone has a great day!
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I have about 20 quarts of raspberries in the refrigerator. I guess I'll be knee deep in sugar and berries all day, making jam!

Our predicted high today is 80 degrees, with thunderstorms. All I can say is Thank God for air conditioning!!!
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It's gross and hot here too, but we're actually not tailgating this year so it shouldn't be too much of an issue (and our seats are on the shady side of the stadium). This is the second year in a row that I'll be seeing my favorite artist (love that voice... not to mention his cut body ) - this year the tickets were my birthday present from my parents (my birthday was in April). At today's concert, Kenny will be joined by Gary Allen, Sammy Hagar, LeAnn Rimes and Keith Urban - bound to be a good show! I'm sure I'll take tons of pics, so if anyone's interested, I can always post the link to my album.

Seriously, I feel like a 10 year old on Christmas morning... I need to stop being a dork and go get a shower and get ready haha
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A lot of crazy stuff going on here today!

I woke up this morning at 6 to DH getting ready to go to his IRR Naval muster. Got woke up again a few hours later to him telling me he might be going back on active duty (nice eh?!)

After that nice wake up call, i got up for a bit and had some breakfast. I'm watching "The Jetsons" at the moment with the dogs while DH catches up on some sleep before going to work tonight. At the moment i'm also trying to figure out what i want to put together as far as a care package goes for my cousin and her family right now.

I'm still not sure what i'm doing tonight.

EDIT- i wound up going out to lunch with a friend for a bit and then she came back to my house for a little while and we watched some tv.

I think tonight i'm just going to clean house a little and watch some tv, maybe take a bubble bath- that sounds awesome right about now!
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Well, the weather is beautiful here today. Sunny and 88 F. No humidity.

I have already taken Sandy Koufax, his picture is below, to the vet. He passed his exam with flying colors and he was very well behaved. I made an appointment for Butzie for Monday. That should be a fun morning.

I am so happy because Ysmari, our salsa teacher, is back from Cuba. Most of the subs were awful.

Going to watch a movie tonight. I think maybe "The Bucket List."
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I'm doing laundry, went to the store to buy a blender and I have a little bit more cleaning to do around the house.

Tonight I will probably go to my boyfriend's where we'll make pina coladas and relax on the balcony
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I've been pretty busy this morning. Got up about 5:20 (don't ask why) and stuck load of laundry in last night as I had 3 loads to do and get out on line. Well they are picked up already!!
Ran to bakery (lots of people!) and grocery store as we are having friends over tonite.
They are bringing the steak, I got veggies marinating for the firepit and potatoes cooling for finishing up later today and I made homemade sangria!! I'm going to teach their kids (HS & college age) how to play Jarts!!
Have to pick some raspberries too-the yield isn't to good this year-plants look good though.
Its humid, hazy and about 78F currently. Chance of rain though later-hopefully it will hold off until dark.

Have a good day!
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Good Saturday afternoon

My Saturday I guess officially started at midnight Had a little too much wine before going to bed at 1:30am. Woke up at 6 thanks to Katina head-butting me. I think she figured since the alarms went off at the normal time for weekdays, that we were trying to sleep in Finally got up at 8:30 and headed to work while DH went to do a transmission removal and installation. I worked for a little under 2 hours, and now I'm back home waiting on him to get done. It looks like it's gonna pour soon, seemed like my car was tugging the black clouds by where I work all the way out here to S'ville.

We have to go drop off a jack and jack-stands to someone so he can get us the parts we paid for last November or so They're still on his car, and we need to get MY car back on the ground ... he's got the parts still that we need!

Then tonight is date night Dunno where we'll go. We've got one of those big coupon books that are from a fundraiser or whatever, but they have crap for options this year - none of the places we like going to are in there this time.
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My downstairs neighbor and I were supposed to have a yard sale today, but it was raining. I guess we'll have to reschedule.
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Originally Posted by clixpix View Post
My downstairs neighbor and I were supposed to have a yard sale today, but it was raining. I guess we'll have to reschedule.
Raining, AGAIN?! Y'all sure don't need it! The weather in Good ole Wisconsin sure hasn't been normal this year. I don't recall ever having so much rain in all the years I lived there..

It's a typical hot day here in Texas: close to a hundred. I'm gonna be lazy today and not do much (except for playing "catch up" at TCS), b/c the last few days have been pretty hectic. So I'm gonna take a break!
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We took Coco to the Vet for her Urine test and the vet will call Monday. It should be 100 here today and our A/C is broken so its Hot in here. We are also packing for the move.
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Feels a bit warmish, but not bad. I've gotten 1 load of laundry in, we've de-poop matted Larissa - oh unhappy girl..., had brunch, I've mixed up a gallon of my special Alix's valerian spiced catnip which we are off to drop off at my friend who makes my line of toys for me....Alix and I are debuting 3 new toys soon

Need to grocery shop, do dishes, more laundry, catch up on my diet journal and a lawn and garden community project I belong to (that is closing...wah!)

Watch boxing tonight Need to do some cooking ahead - want to make a breadless bread pudding and a batch of what I call Magic Puffies (non-bread bread)

course the roses need pruning too...and I've strawberries to pick, want some of our blooming lavender picked too.
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