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Poor Katkat has to stay home!

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My little three-year-old baby is deaf, so she is always scared and needs special attention. my husband and I both work at home so we are constantly with her. We found her off the streets by a dumpster two years ago, and since then, she's been very attached to us. She has abandonment issues. Every time she wakes up from a nap, she would meow until she sees one of us.

Unfortunately, my husband and I have a conference to attend next week that requires us to drive to another city two hours away and stay 6-8 hours for three days strait! that's about 12 hours of alone time each day! I'm very worried about my little girl being left alone for so long for the first time since we adopted her. we tried getting a cat sitter, but that just frightens her. she would run away and hide every time she sees a stranger. and i can't imagine how she'll deal with a stranger without the two of us present.

Is there anything I can do to make her three days alone easier on her? she loves her big cat-tree and I will leave lots of food and water, but is there a very entertaining toy i can get that I can leave her alone with? should i leave a lot of catnip? what can i do to make it easier and less frightening for her?

please help. i am worried sick. thanks in advance!
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So close to the time of leaving, there isn't much you can do.
Maybe try a Feliway diffuser.
Re-cat proof the house, just in case she gets upset. It will help that you are coming home every night.
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Could you leave the television or a radio on low so maybe she hears voices and doesn't feel alone?
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Originally Posted by SweetKara View Post
Could you leave the television or a radio on low so maybe she hears voices and doesn't feel alone?
Unfortunately, the kitty is deaf, so that won't help a lot.

I will say that when I am gone for a couple of days, Clyde, MY deaf cat, seems to be the one that is the LEAST affected.
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Leaving on the TV might not be a bad idea, though she can't hear it, the visual may reassure her you two have not gone for ever (TV usualy means people after all, lol)
Is there anyone else she is not afraid of that could check in on her? With a week to work with if there is a friend of yours she will at least tolerate, I would suggest to bring them over as much as possible, have them give you a t-shirt or something (not laundered) and put it under her food dish. If she has favorite treat see if she will accept it from them, or at least from you in their presence.
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Most deaf cats are very vocal, & in an unnerving manner. To put it bluntly, Ophelia screams like a banshee when she can't find anyone, it could make your blood curdle.

She's not miserable, she just has no idea how annoying she sounds.

I suggest trying Resuce Remedy or a Feliway diffuser. Play with kitty when you are home more than normal & dole out extra attention.
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I know it's hard, but cats handle being alone amazingly well. She is at home so that helps. Try leaving something that smells like you in an area she likes to sleep. If you leave her a t-shirt you have worn but not washed she may find comfort in being able to smell you.
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I wonder if you did have a friend who wouldn't mind coming in during the days you're gone, if that might not be a bad idea, even if your baby hides, as someone already suggested. There may come a time when you'll be gone overnight, and need someone to come in and at least take care of the litter pan, and maybe this is a good time to introduce the idea of a 'cat sitter' to your baby - especially since mom and dad will be home every evening this time around. Let us know what happens - I've never been away from home overnight since I got my two, and I know I'm already nervous about the first time I do go away.
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Definately leave a tv on. While she may not physically hear it, she will feel the vibes of it and when she explores she will see something. A radio is good but she won't see what's making the vibe. Also leaving your scent in her space is a good idea. While she behaves like that when you are around, she may not when she realizes she has no audience. She will survive and it will actually be good for her to realize that you do go away and then come home. It will be tougher on you than her and by the third day she will just realize that your being gone happens.
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Thank you so much for everyone's love and support. here we are, at the end of the third day, and Katkat is fine. each day, i left her plenty of food, a new toy, and her favorite movie on a loop on the dvd. (yes, she has a favorite movie, it's Stuart Little, by the way. )

one thing she's not allowed to do when we're at home is rub her face and paws all over our bath towels. she just loves that, especially my husband's towel, for some reason. but since we were gone, i left the towels for her on the bed (as an extra 'treat') and came back to find her wrapped up in them. i think she was happy. but i was so anxious on days 2 and 3 that i cut our meeting by half on both days and came home early.

in the end, i think she was okay. thank everyone once again for all the love and support!

Kat-love to all!
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