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Bumpy ears?

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There is this stray that has recently showed up on my fire escape she use to be my neighbors cat before my neighbor died of a heart attack. I am guess the landlord tossed the kitty outside. she always seemed fine and healthy but when I went to go feed her yesterday I noticed she had these bumps growing on her ear and they were popping and bleeding. It was strange I never seen it before but the bumps are only on her ears no where else.
I touched her ear softly to see if it hurt her but she didn't respond to it she just wanted me to pet her.

Its just pumps on both her ears on the outside and sometimes they bleed, it has to hurt her and I have no clue to what is causing it.
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It could be the result of ear mites. The constant scratching and head shaking can cause ear hematoma (bumps or swollen ears due to blood built up caused by erupted blood vessels).
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is it possible i can get rid of it myself?
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Originally Posted by Foreverfuzzy127 View Post
is it possible i can get rid of it myself?
if it is ear mites, you have to get the ear mite solution from the vet. are her ears really dirty looking on the inside? black stuff?
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no her ears dont have any black stuff. here are pictures of what it looks like, sorry if its poor quality i am bad at handling cameras and she wouldn't stay still she kept trying to paw at the camera.




in matter of fact now that I see it, her ear is getting better it is healing. when she first started getting it, it was really bad like really bad and covered her whole ear but now its healing by itself.
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Let's hope the healing continues. How nice of you to feed her. Keep us posted on how her ears heal. Here are some healing vibes...
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I think the cat needs to be seen by a vet. It could be a bad sunburn or even a cancerous condition... though from the looks of I agree it seems to be something more like mites or a rash.

Also, it's sad that this is a domestic cat who's been abandoned. Could you catch her and give her to a rescue group that could find her another real home?
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