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Here is "Patches"

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Here is my latest rescue, she is a feral kitten (not anymore) I found her
in the middle of the street about 1:00 am, her front left paw (leg) has been
crushed, (she was born in a drainage ditch, culvert) and she also had a
pretty bad eye infection! Eye infection is now gone, but she will have a crushed leg forever, although you can't even tell by the way her and "G"
chase each other!!! She is beautiful!!! I love her! You can't
see but on her back she has a white spot, then 2 more around her bottom!
Precious Angel!
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Awww poor baby... She's so adorable! She's lucky you've found her and given her a furever home Looking forward to more pix of her!
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Mega kisses! What a precious girl! Thank you for taking care of her
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Awww, she is a sweetheart!
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She is gorgeous, Bless her heart So glad you found her
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What a sweet little face. Are you going to keep her?
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She is absolutely adorable!
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Oh Monique, look at that sweet face on her! What a pretty little girl she is, and she's found a great mum
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Oh my gosh, she has a heartmelting little face. What a sweet, precious little kitten. Thank you so much for taking her in.
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Awwww - what a sweetie! I know she's found a wonderful home!

It's sad that she has a bad leg, but I think she'll be just fine, Monique. Cassidy was born with a bad leg, too - and she runs & plays just as well as the other kittens do. Patches will adjust..

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Who could say no to that cute face?! She`s beautiful. More pics please!
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she really is so sweet and special!!!!I love her and we are going to keep her!
that makes 5 here at the house!! Oh well!!!I just wish she would stay this little!! What a darling!! I knew ya'll would love her too!!!
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