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Deworming side effects?

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My kitten went to the vet this past Monday, and was given 1.5cc of strongid. She was absolutely fine (side effect wise) until about Wednesday afternoon when she began having loose stools and going very often (~10 times/day) She is still eating and drinking normally, and her activity level has only decreased a little bit(she's not quite as active as she was when we first brought her home, but she is still alert and plays from time to time) She has not had any diet change or anything else like that. Is it normal for the side effects to last this long? Are these even normal side effects? I have called my vet and she will be calling me back shortly, but I just wanted to see if anyone here has had an experience like this. Thanks in advance!

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I'm sorry I never had any experience with that, someone will probably come along that can advise you. I hope everything will be alright. Please let us know how everything is going.

Good luck.
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I talked to my vet, she said that Millie probably had a very heavy parasite load (she was a stray) and that the symptoms are normal as long as they clear up by Monday...if they don't I'll need to bring her in..She also said if she gets any worse tomorrow I can bring her in. I have a lot of confidence in my vet so i definitely feel reassured I just hope Millie feels better soon-she's been through so much and she's only 6 weeks old!
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I hope Millie will be well soon, please let us know how she is doing.

Prayers and for Millie
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Hope she gets better soon!
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