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Pics of Cookie,chip & bizou

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The first 3 pictures are of chip when he was 2 weeks old, I had the newborn pics on my phone camera and then I lost my phone

You can see his six fingers on his paws here not sure if its a defect or what caused that bizou has the same thing except he has 5 fingers like a hand

This picture is of chip yesterday at 8 1/2 weeks with my daughter

This the proud mommy cookie, now you can see why we named him chip, he looks exactly like her all her markings so he is a "chip" off the old cookie . LOL My daughter named her cookie because she is chocolate on top and white in the middle like an oreo..LOL

And this is my dominiant majestic kind Bizou (which means kiss in french)
he is 3 yrs old and not chips dad..he was here first so his nose is a bit out of joint, especially when cookie is showing him who really wears the pants in this family..LOL

I will add more pics later after I take more tonight of chip
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Awww so cute. I have a cat with more toes. They are called polydactyl cats and it is perfectly normal. Somewhat unusual but not really a defect. Ernest Hemingway had a colony of them and call the them Hemingway cats sometimes.

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Ah, yes... you have Hemingway polydactyls.... mitten kittens!!!
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I am happy thats its not a defect, as I thought it was my fault.. When I got cookie it was a sunday, I took her first thing monday to the vet to make sure she was healthy because of bizou he was an indoor cat and I didn't want her bringing anything home to him. The vet said other than being starved, frozen and having frost bite on her pads of her feet she was healthy, and she checked to make sure she wasn't pregnant, we even shaved a bit of her tummy to see if she was spayed.. The vet said it was safe to giver her a booster and to deworm her which is what we did.. I didn't know she was pregnant.. she wanted to wait a month before we spay her to get her at a healthy weight thank god I didn't do that right away, or I would of lost my little chip chip.. he is so cute, when I get up in the morning I greet him with ..where is my little chip chip and he does this little happy dance in his box and jumps in my hands ..LOL its so cute I love that little guy to death..

chip is 9 weeks old and by far the size of one.. he is still a little guy he weighs 1/2 lb and he is growing and catching up real fast.. he was 5 oz at 5 weeks old.. hopefully by 12 weeks he will be atleast a pound.. when he was born he barely fit in the palm of my hand.. and he hardly had fur he was a bit see through and very undeveloped and wrinkly. he is my miracle baby.. even the vet told me he won't make it he is way to premature.. but I said no way he is going to make it.. and here he is today, healthy happy and thrieving..
I love this little guy to death i Love all my cats they are like my children.. I always tell people I have 5 kids, 2 human and 3 cats..

I took more pictures last night.. I will post a few of my favs..I kinda got a little camera happy and took over 200 LOL

as you can see how small he is my tv remote is bigger then him..LOL

chip playing with bizou's troll.. thats bizou's favorite toy, he has had that since he was a kitten and he carries it around with him.

Cookie trying to clean chip, as u can see chip is protesting all the way..they look so much alike they mix in so much together with all the black and white

Chip telling mommy ok I had enough..

Chip is stalking bizou.. or atleast trying to..

chip playing with his toy mouse..which is bigger than him, most of his toys are bigger then him even the empty toilet roll

Cookie and bizou after a little lovie dovie, even tho bizou is fixed he still tries to well have fun I guess.. he does the motion but thats about it.. cookie is very demanding of his affection.. she calls to him when she needs "some" LOL

I had a heart to heart talk with bizou, about chip I know cats are way smarter than we give them credit.. I talk to my cats like I do my kids when they do wrong.. I told bizou that he can't bite the baby but if he wants to give him a little soft swat to let him know he has had enough..that is accepatble..LOL and do you know not 10 min later chip attacked his tail and bizou looked at me and gave him a little whack on the head.. not enough to hurt just to let him know.. I was impressed.. Cookie enjoys our heart to heart talks.. I know they understand.. cookie stares at me as if she is really listening.. and a few times I have asked her to stop something she did for about 1 day.. but oh well were not all perfect.. Cookie is a smart cat, she told me when she was sick by talking to me with her cat talk.. and when chip was in trouble she came and got me and started howling till i followed her..
she is one smart cookie
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Chip is the cutest little thing! His eyes are so big!
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O goodness! How precious!!
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Chip Chip is so adorable.
Those strays seem to be excellent mothers for the most part. Lucia is so loving with her babies.
Cookie reminds me of how she acts.
I live Chips little mitten feet. Sachi has those. She is able to grab things the other cats can't.
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